The battle of Ungchi in the movie “Hansan” is historic

The battle of Ungchi in the movie “Hansan” is historic


The Cultural Heritage Administration has designated the “Imjin Japanese Invasion of Korea Ungchi History” located in Wanju-gun and Jinan-gun, Jeollabuk-do as a nationally designated cultural heritage site.

The “Imjin Japanese Invasion of Korea Ungchi Battle” is the place where the “Battle of Ungchi” was jointly protected by government forces and righteous army against the Japanese army who invaded Jeolla-do during the early Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592.

Ungchi is the name of the pass between Wanju-gun and Jinan-gun, and the old road around Ungchi was used as an important transportation route connecting Jeonju and Jinan, eastern Jeolla-do. It is now also called Gomti or Gomchi.

The “Imjin Japanese Invasion of Korea Ungchi Battle” played a decisive role in the defense of Honam, and is considered a battlefield for overcoming the national crisis, which overcomes the initial inferiority and eventually wins the Joseon army. It received great attention when it was re-examined through the movie “Hansan,” which was released in July.

The Cultural Heritage Administration said, “We plan to work with Wanju-gun and Jinan-gun in Jeollabuk-do to prepare and implement a plan to preserve, manage and utilize the ‘Imjin Japanese Invasion Ungchi History’ with excellent historical and academic value.”

In April 1592, the movie Hansan was lost to the Japanese army just 15 days after the outbreak of the Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592, and the Joseon Dynasty was on the verge of desperation. The Japanese army, which occupied Joseon at once, gathers large-scale soldiers as Busanpo, dreaming of their ambition to head to the Ming Dynasty. On the other hand, Admiral Yi Sun-shin prepares to participate in the war, considering tactics to save Joseon even in a situation where even his ancestors were on the defensive after losing consecutive wars to Uiju. However, it becomes difficult for the turtle ship, which was damaged in the previous battle, and even the drawings of the turtle ship are stolen by Japanese intelligence… The Japanese army heads off Hansando Island with its dominance thanks to consecutive victories, and Admiral Yi Sun-shin prepares a desperate strategy for a battle that will determine the fate of Joseon. In the summer of 1592, the best naval battle on earth will be held off Hansando Island on July 8 of the lunar calendar, risking the fate of Joseon, which needs an overwhelming victory.
It is a movie that can see the history of our country well

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