Wheesung update… “Thumbs up” with a smile at the fan meeting

Wheesung update… “Thumbs up” with a smile at the fan meeting


Singer Wheesung latest appearance has been revealed.

Singer Roseana posted on her Instagram on the 1st, “It was an honor to be at Wheesung 20th anniversary fan meeting concert! I can’t forget my duet with my senior,” he posted a photo with the article.

Wheesung and Roseanna in the picture are staring at the camera with their thumbs up side by side. Wheesung seems to have gained some weight compared to the time of his previous activities, but he is drawing attention by paying attention to his style in meeting with fans after a long time.

Roseana also said, “Thank you for everything last year 🙂 I hope you will continue to support Roseana and be full of happiness in 2023! Happy New Year.”

Wheesung was sentenced to one year in prison, two years of probation, 40 hours of community service, and 40 hours of drug treatment lectures last year on charges of habitual use of propofol and has suspended his official activities. At the end of last year, the news of a fan meeting celebrating the 20th anniversary of his debut made headlines.

If you look at Wheesung singing activities…In April 2002, the first full-length album “Like a Movie” was released. The title song, “Can’t I…””It’s Real,” the second album that was released after “18][19] was sensational through the World Cup atmosphere at the time, was explosive in popularity, winning the Golden Disc Main Award for six consecutive weeks. And the third album “For the Moment” released in 2004 will also become very popular. Then, the 4th album “Love” released in 2005… Love..? After “Love…”, he moved to Orange Shock in 2006. However, when it was revealed that Orange Shock affiliate P&Jennies closed its business, it moved to Pop-up Entertainment, where JK Kim Dong-wook and M2M belonged. After that, the contract expired at the end of 2010, and he established his own agency and became independent. However, it was because it was difficult to work independently by myself, and it was connected to accidentally complaining of difficulties to Tae Jin-ah (20) and established a subsidiary within Tae Jin-ah’s agency. The agency was affiliated with YMC Entertainment and the contract expired on December 31, 2015. He is currently active in the RealSlow Company, which he founded himself.
At the beginning of his debut, he focused on colorful songs that needed more skills than other ballad singers to the extent that it was recognized as a song sung by Wheesung = a difficult song. The second album’s With Me and the third album’s terminally ill is Wheesung’s immortal masterpiece and a masterpiece of domestic R&B. However, the fifth album, which was released after changing its agency because it wanted to try various music, has changed to a performance-oriented song. Actually, there was that atmosphere from the 4th album, and after moving to the agency, they started to focus on performance in earnest.

Compared to singing difficult songs that require a lot of skill, the throat is not strong, such as having weak bronchial tubes and suffering from chronic rhinitis since childhood. On top of that, I have suffered from vocal cord nodules for a long time because I insisted on live since my debut. Since the cyst removal surgery in early 2008, it has recovered a lot. Since then, he has been singing with more emphasis on vocalization, and the public’s response has been mixed with positive reviews that “the song has become much more stable” and negative reviews that “Hwisung’s own feeling has decreased.”

With Park Jung-hyun, he sang “Against all ods” released by Phil Collins in 1984 as a CM song for Hyundai Motor’s model Tucson in 2006, and Phil Collins said, “I want to meet Wheesung,” and Craig David, a British R&B musician famous for Insomnia, personally pointed to Wheesung and released a single in 2009. Also, while working on the album to advance to the U.S., producer Rodney Jerkins listened to Wheesung’s pop song and asked if your mother was black. In addition, he received love calls from black artists such as Ne-Yo and Akon. In particular, Ne-yo gave Wheesung a song that was scheduled as Michael Jackson’s song. He is a musician who competes with his skills like this way.

Since his debut in 2002, he has been receiving awards steadily until 2007. Most recently, he won the 22nd Golden Disc Awards in 2007 for the main prize in the disc category. After that, he released albums or participated in OST albums. He’s been doing it for a long time since his debut

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