Bauer, are you abandoned by the Dodgers? Whether..

Bauer, are you abandoned by the Dodgers? Whether to exclude roaster ‘4 days left’


Trevor Bauer (32, Los Angeles Dodgers), who was withdrawn from the Major League Baseball (MLB) secretariat on charges of sexual assault, has been moved up the timing of his return. As a result, the concerns of his team are deepening.

The LA Times, a U.S. media outlet, mentioned Bauer’s future prospects on the 3rd (Korea Standard Time) under the theme of “Will Bauer stay with the Dodgers or leave?”

Bauer, the winner of the National League Cy Young Award in the 2020 season, signed a contract with the Dodgers for 120 million dollars (about 152.7 billion won) for three years ahead of the 2021 season. He was 8–5 with a 2.59 ERA in 17 games in his first season.

However, Bauer was accused of assaulting a woman he had had a relationship with in late June 2021. He denied it, but the MLB secretariat immediately took administrative leave of absence from Bauer and launched an investigation.

I consistently claimed innocence from the time of the incident, and in February, the Los Angeles County Prosecutors’ Office dismissed both allegations of violence, saying, “There is not enough evidence to be sure that he committed the crime.”

However, in addition to the first woman, two more people claimed to have suffered damage, and the secretariat suspended Bauer for 324 games in April last year. Since then, he has complained of unfairness and was eased by a 194-game suspension on the 23rd of last month after an appeal.

The ball is now transferred to the Dodgers. It is necessary to decide whether to exclude Bauer from the 40-man roster within two weeks of disciplinary easing. The Dodgers have to decide on Bauer’s future this year by the 7th.

According to the media, the Dodgers have yet to receive documents on the grounds for disciplinary action, and are unlikely to receive them afterwards. In November last year, a U.S. court denied Bauer’s innocence, saying, “Bauer did not confirm that he did not sexually assault the first victim.” It is highly likely that the time in court will be prolonged as it has even claimed damages from those who claimed the damage.

The sharply divided public opinion is also a burden on the Dodgers. According to a survey by the media, 51% of the respondents said they should leave Bauer on the team and 49% said they wanted to release him. Shortstop Carlos Correa (29), who had previously considered recruiting, was also split in fan sentiment due to allegations that he was involved in stealing illegal signatures during his time in Houston, and the Dodgers gave up recruiting.

Of course, the Dodgers do not adhere to the “zero tolerance principle” at all. Earlier, left-hander Julio Urias (27) was suspected of domestic violence in 2019, and like Bauer, he avoided legal disposition. Urias, who was suspended for 20 games at the time, apologized for his actions. Bauer, on the other hand, still objects and strongly denies his charges.

“Bauer said he wouldn’t apologize because he didn’t do anything wrong,” the media said. “But the Dodgers will let Bauer express his intention of reflection in any way.” In the end, it is expected that Bauer’s actions will determine whether to release him or not.

In addition, the Dodgers canceled it just before the agreement when a domestic violence case was revealed while trying to bring “special finisher” Aroldis Chapman (35) to the trade in late 2015. “Just like at the time, it’s ultimately up to owner Mark Walter’s decision,” the media said.

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