Melomance Kim Min-seok, “Golden..

Melomance Kim Min-seok, “Golden Spirit” Kim Woo-suk, Celebrity Brothers’ First Sharing Leader

Kim Min-seok

Singer Kim Min-seok and actor Kim Woo-suk became the first celebrity brothers to become leaders in sharing fruits of love.

Love Fruit said on the 3rd, “MeloMance’s Kim Min-seok and actor Kim Woo-suk donated 35 million won to the Love Fruit Community Chest of Korea on the 29th of last month and participated in the Hope 2023 Sharing Campaign.”

The donations of the two will be provided to the vulnerable in need of medical expenses for the treatment of Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s patients.

Kim Min-seok joined the “Sharing Leader” in 2018 and first formed a relationship with the fruit of love. Sharing Leader is a fruit donation program in which individuals donate or contract more than 1 million won within a year. Kim Min-seok has participated in the neighborhood help campaign for the next five years to support medical expenses for Parkinson’s and Lou Gehrig’s patients, and this donation will also be used for this. Including this donation, the accumulated donation of fruit of love exceeds 100 million won.

The deep heart for sharing was also extended to the younger brother, and a special donation was made by the brothers. Actor Kim Woo-suk also joined as the “sharing leader” of the fruit of love, becoming the first “sharing leader” of the celebrity brothers side by side. Kim Woo-suk said, “I hope that this donation will have a warm New Year for our neighbors who are in need and alienated.”

Meanwhile, Love Fruit is running a 62-day intensive fundraising campaign “Hope 2023 Sharing Campaign” from the 1st of last month to the 31st of this month. The target amount for sharing is KRW 404 billion, and whenever KRW 4.04 billion, which is 1% of the target amount, is raised, the mercury in the Temperature Tower of Love built in Gwanghwamun Square rises by 1 degree to 100 degrees when the target amount is achieved.

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