Leonardo DiCaprio again…New Year

Leonardo DiCaprio again…New Year’s party with a 23-year-old actress.

Leonardo DiCaprio

It wasn’t a fraternity, but the frantic New Year’s party was together. Leonardo DiCaprio celebrates the new year of 2023 with an actor 25 years younger than him.

According to multiple foreign media including the Daily Mail on the 2nd (local time), Leonardo DiCaprio visited Sains Bath, a famous resort near the Caribbean, in the new year of 2023. I had a good time enjoying a New Year’s party with my acquaintances on the yacht.

In particular, there was a 23-year-old actor, Victoria Lamar, who was rumored to be dating Leonardo DiCaprio. Despite the steady rumors of a romantic relationship, the two officially said they were not lovers. Nevertheless, it is drawing attention again as it is known that they have been together for New Year’s parties beyond frequent meetings.

DiCaprio consistently visited the Caribbean with his acquaintances and lovers and enjoyed New Year’s parties. This image was captured by many paparazzi and became known to the public. Leonardo DiCaprio, who says “before deposit,” is just a man who likes to drink and has a belly. And next to it is a fairly young actor or model.

Victoria Lamar is the daughter of actress Lorenzo Lamar and Kathleen Kinmont. Lorenzo Lamar previously told the New York Post, “My daughter likes  DiCaprio. However, the two are not dating. I don’t even want that,” he said.

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