“Park Bo-gum What do you think..

Park Bo-gum What do you think when you look in the mirror?” “You’re handsome…”Undeniable handsome (“Harpers Bazaar”) [Roundup]

Park Bo-gum

Actor Park Bo-gum mentioned his appearance.

On the Choi Tube channel “Harpers Bazaar Korea,” a video titled “How to Get Close to Park Bo-gum!” was posted.

In the video, Park Bo-gum said, “I’ve never measured my hand size. It’s 18.5cm. MBTI has always been SF in the middle. It’s sensory and emotional. MBTI is MBTI, but I want to live by thinking that I am a sincere person,” he said.

What I did the day before for the photo shoot, “I slept early and tried not to make my face swollen.” I wanted to come out cool. I went to bed at 9 o’clock yesterday. I usually go to bed around 12 o’clock. Good sleep makes a good day,” he said.

Park Bo-gum said with his new year’s goal in 2023, “It is to make one good habit. Recently, I’ve been running with Sean, and he runs every single day. I also want to steadily achieve one good habit during 2023. “I hope it will be a year where you can compliment me,” he said.

As a way to get close to Park Bo-gum, “When I meet him, I get along with everyone.” At the filming site, I met a friend I met at Hyori’s Homestay 2. It was good to see you because you seemed to be doing well in good health. It’s a new feeling to meet you at this kind of site. Thank you for talking to me first,” he said.

Park Bo-gum said, “I am shy and I am not shy. “I want to be honest and hang out with honest people,” he said.

As a routine that I want to recommend to fans, “Time to take nutritional supplements.” When I wake up in the morning, I drink a glass of water on an empty stomach and drink lactobacillus. It works best Take multivitamin unconditionally after breakfast or lunch. I sleep after eating omega-3. He said, “I tend to organize everything, wash up, and sleep, whether it’s a business trip or filming.”

Every time I look in the mirror, I think, “It’s different every time. Today, “Huh?” It’s not swollen. Huh? “You’re handsome.” It’s different each time. I drink a glass of milk before I go to bed. Then there was no swelling the next day,” he said shyly.

Regarding his charm point, he said, “He’s handsome. Eyes, nose, and mouth. My strengths are smiling well, eating well, and sleeping well,” he said.

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