Satire, “Best filial piety” on overseas trips with..

Satire, “Best filial piety” on overseas trips with family members who insulated after coming out.


Transgender broadcaster Satire went on a trip with his insulated family after coming out.

Satire said on the 4th, “I had a family trip in Thailand for four nights and five days. I’m going to Korea tomorrow,” he said.

He then said, “I remember saying when I was young, ‘I’ll make a lot of money and let my dad fly!’ When I was young, I thought giving my father a ride on a plane was the best filial piety. “Thank you for your filial piety,” he said.

In addition, satire said, “I think I’m living this reality because I have you who love me.” “I will repay you with laughter when I go to Korea,” he said.

Earlier in December, Satire appeared on MBC’s entertainment program “Setchiyeo” and confessed the story of having to insulate his family after coming out. At the time, Satire said he had lost contact with his father, who did not accept him as a daughter, for 10 years, but was recently recognized as a daughter.

Meanwhile, Satire debuted as a transgender YouTuber in 2019. Recently, he has been active in various entertainment and web entertainment with his witty talk.

Let’s try to revive the satirical growth background.

Since 2019, YouTube videos of stories based on one’s experience have attracted great attention on Facebook, and YouTube subscribers have literally begun to get upset. Thanks to its witty satire and light broadcasting, it has overcome the social view of transgender people and is gaining popularity as a popular YouTuber. It is also reducing swear words on broadcasts, perhaps considering the occurrence of beetles of various age groups over time.

When satire and Kkotja were driving double-headed wagons as transgender YouTubers, several transgender YouTubers and BJs, including Kkotja, were embroiled in controversy, but in the meantime, they are strengthening their image as very clean YouTubers as they are not related to any controversy.

Since the merger, it has been a mess, surpassing 500,000 subscribers for the first time among Korean transgender people.

On October 8, 2021, a video of a combination of Namsun x Oe Jilhye x Pungja x Sehi was uploaded on YouTube. The response is good on YouTube and Facebook, as it is also on the video of soaring popularity. In particular, there are many reactions that satire carried hard. In addition, it is a trend to combine with Cho Doo-pal and Lee Se-young of Yeongpyeong TV, which have not been done before. It’s very fun and natural to lead the ensemble.

On October 8, 21, Turkyez on the Block became very popular with more than 7 million views, and this relationship led to Lee Yong-jin appearing as a fixed member in the newly launched “Wheeled Mouth” at Studio Waffle from February 22.

In addition, he became the main MC of studio handmade web entertainment “Ddoganjip” and iHQ’s entertainment “Growing Man.”

He appeared in the 2022 SBS Black Sheep Game. Please refer to the document for your performance.

Channel S, K-star, which will premiere on July 15, 2022, will appear as a fixed panel member in the love program “Don’t Run Away”.

On October 7, November 11, 2022, he appeared as a guest for Hidden Singer 7.[7]

He will appear as a fixed member of tvN, which will air from November 24, 2022.

On December 11, 2022, he appeared as the first participant in the first round of MBC’s new entertainment program “Tongue Mixed Martial Arts Set-Up.”*

As of December 2022, both Internet broadcasters and transgender people have settled in the mainstream broadcasting industry most successfully. He is almost the only human being and transgender who works regardless of terrestrial, cable, and Internet, and it is unprecedented for both camps to stably settle on various terrestrial programs in such a short time and work horizontally without any particular explanation.

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