Benny. Ahn Yong-joon pregnant after 8 years of..

Benny. Ahn Yong-joon pregnant after 8 years of marriage…a baby due in May


Benny and Ahn Yong-joon announced their pregnancy after eight years of marriage.

On the 4th, actor Ahn Yong-joon carefully tries to deliver the very happy news on his SNS.

He said, “I had a very happy year in 2022, and I want to tell you the biggest happiness among them. “I became a father-to-be,” he said, announcing the news of his pregnancy.

He said, “I’m having a heart-rending days because so much happiness has come. He said, “I will pray for 2023, which is full of happiness.”

On the same day, singer Benny, Ahn Yong-joon’s wife, also posted an ultrasound photo with a message that began, “I’m carefully going to tell you good news today.”

Benny said, “Thankfully, a precious new life has come to our couple. “I was worried and cautious about everything because I was pregnant in my old age, so I was waiting until I was stabilized, but now the day has finally come to introduce the fruits that are so covered that I can’t hide them expressing excitement.

“These days, when we ask hello, we have more time to greet each other in fetal motion, and above all, I will also take care of my health so that we can meet in good health, and I will cherish this miracle,” he said. “I ask for a warm blessing from the baby angel fruit.” “It’s a fruit. Let’s meet in May in good health,” he said, adding that he is scheduled to give birth in May.

Meanwhile, Ahn Yong-joon, born in 1987, turned 37 in Korean age this year, and his wife Benny is 46. Benny and Ahn Yong-ju, a nine-year-old couple, were married in 2015 after four years of dating.

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