Blake Lively reveals his full body…The fourth daughter.

Blake Lively reveals his full body…The fourth daughter.

Blake Lively

Hollywood actor Blake Lively (35) has revealed his full-time figure.

Blake Lively posted a photo on his Instagram on the 2nd comparing pre- and post-pregnancy, saying, “I’ve been doing Don Saladino’s exercise program for months, but there’s no change.”

In the photo, Lively poses confidently with her husband, actor Ryan Reynolds (46). Reynolds shows off his healthy body in both photos, but Lively now has a big belly.

Blake Lively married Ryan Reynolds in 2019 and had three children. In September last year, she announced the pregnancy of her fourth child and is about to give birth. All three children are daughters, and the fourth daughter to be born this time is also said.

Singer Taylor Swift, 33, a friend of the couple, has featured all of Lively’s daughter’s names in her songs for years. Therefore, fans speculated that Lively’s fourth child’s name was also revealed on her “Midnights” album released in October last year.

The name “Daisy May” was mentioned in the album’s song “You’re on Your Own, Kid,” but it has not been confirmed whether it is related.

Reynolds appeared on a show and revealed that his children recently learned that Taylor Swift was a celebrity.

Meanwhile, Reynolds is set to shoot “Deadpool 3” in May.

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