Jeong Ga Eun said, “The main character who..

Jeong Ga Eun said, “The main character who embraces debt and goes through it. It’s like my life.”

Jeong Ga Eun

Actor Jeong Ga-eun said she has empathized with the character in the movie “Life of Nothing.”

“I thought the title of the movie was ‘It’s My Life,’ and I thought it would be ‘It’s My Life,’ but I thought it would be a day to conclude that it’s definitely not a life of no importance,” Jeong said in an interview with News 1 at Lotte Cinema at Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 5th.

“Everybody sometimes thinks that my life is not a big deal, I feel a lot of relative deprivation while looking at it,” he explained. “He always goes on a ‘hocance’ and a lot of these things come up in a good car in a luxury bag, but I think my life is not a big deal, everyone does.”

The biggest reason I appeared in the movie was because I empathized with the character while reading the script. He said, “I met the director late autumn and early spring last year and thought, “Will I be able to star in the movie?” “I thought Lee Sun had a similar part to me, and I thought I could do it by empathizing with him. It was February or March, but I decided to meet the director.”

“Lee Sun-yi’s mother disappeared ahead of the CSAT in high school, and in a way, she just left the child, not just left her, but left a huge debt,” he said. “Lee Sun-yi also started a life of embracing huge debt because of her, and I’m in my 40s, but I think I can do it when I see someone in a dangerous and difficult situation.”

Director Seo Dong-hyun was also active in casting Jeong Ga-eun. She even said she would change her role to a man if Jeong Ga-eun didn’t appear. Jeong Ga-eun said, “(The director) said he had a firm desire for me to play this role, so I met him and said, “Why did you choose me, why did you choose me when you were not guaranteed to act as an actor?” and he said, “When I wrote the role of Lee Sun, I thought it was perfect. Totally Jeong Ga-eun.”

“Life of Nothing” is a time-slip fantasy melodrama about Lee Sun, who left for the past just before her death, facing her old lovers and trying to find love once again. Jeong Ga-eun played the main character Lee Sun in the drama.

Since her debut as a fashion model, Jeong has continued to stand out in various fields such as Miss Korea, entertainment, advertising, home shopping, and drama. He made efforts to lose 6 kilograms for this work.

Meanwhile, ‘Life of Nothing’ will be released on the 12th.

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