TFN holds fan meeting…Active communication with fandom.

TFN holds fan meeting…Active communication with fandom.


Boy group TFN will hold a fan meeting.

On the 11th, TFN will hold TFN Debut 2 Years Anniversary Fan Meeting” at the Payco Hall of the Link Art Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

The fan meeting was organized to commemorate the second anniversary of TFN’s debut. As the members are celebrating their second anniversary, they will prepare plenty of things to see and enjoy to communicate more closely with fans. In particular, it is expected to create a special stage more than ever with fantastic live and performance to provide another pleasant memory.

TFN is loved locally by actively interacting with top South American artists. In addition, it became the first K-pop group to release its original Spanish song “When The Sun Gose Down,” not the Spanish version of the Korean song, and began full-fledged activities in South America last year.

Thanks to this local popularity, TFN`s was invited to the South American pop culture and arts awards “Premios Juventud 2022” and was named the “2022 South American Most Loved K-pop Group” by Uporia Music.

They also won the AAA Potential Award at the 2022 Asia Artist Awards in Japan, marking the second consecutive year of winning the Asian Artist Awards.

Meanwhile, TFN’s second anniversary fan meeting, which began on the 4th, can be applied through the official fan cafe until the 6th.

A nine-member boy group from Korea-Japan joint venture with MLD Entertainment, which debuted in January 2021. It is the first boy group launched by MLD Entertainment and the second idol group to be produced in 3 years and 11 months since MOMOLAND.

As of October 17, 2022, the team name was changed from ‘T1419’ to ‘TFN’. It is said to have the meaning of Try For New.

It is a group created by joining hands with Sony Music and NHN, and is a special project group planned with the aim of simultaneous debuts not only in Korea but also in the United States and Japan. Since its debut, it has been aiming to become a global idol group by simultaneously releasing Japanese versions of music along with Korean music.

Unusually, most of the YouTube comments are Spanish, with more fans from Latin America than domestic or Japanese fans. Perhaps the agency is also aware of this, but official Spanish subtitles can be found frequently in its own content.

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