Hwang Woo-rim, a former Miss Trot 2 player..

Hwang Woo-rim, a former Miss Trot 2 player, has emerged as a “short form queen” of the MZ generation.

Hwang Woo-rim

Hwang Woo-rim, a singer from “Miss Trot 2,” is rapidly emerging as a “short form queen.”

Recently, Hwang Woo-rim has received explosive responses from various netizens, including the MZ generation, with various short-form videos such as YouTube shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels.

First of all, among the shorts posted on the official YouTube channel “Hwang Woo-rim’s Pokarim,” Hwang Woo-rim’s spectacular visual transformation is receiving explosive responses, surpassing 1 million views at once. In addition, videos featuring sensuous facial expressions such as “changing clothes in one second” and a superior eight-body figure also attracted netizens’ attention with about 750,000 views.

In addition, Hwang Woo-rim’s official TikTok followers are also on the verge of surpassing 1 million, and are drawing attention from netizens around the world with many videos featuring colorful dance skills, singing skills and beauty, including various challenges. In particular, Hwang Woo-rim’s live performance exceeded 8.4 million views, and the “My Love Stupid” challenge video released in June last year also attracted attention with nearly 800,000 views.

As such, Hwang Woo-rim`s is establishing itself as a “MZ generation wannabe” by steadily introducing trendy videos that are popular among the MZ generation.

Meanwhile, Hwang Woo-rim was active in various broadcasting activities, including TV Chosun’s “Tuesday Is Night Good,” as well as in musical stages such as “Prida,” and is currently expanding his range of activities in various ways by DJing BTN radio “Guardian Angel Hwang Woo-rim.”

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