Ji So-yeon, an extraordinary bikini in Guam at the..

Ji So-yeon, an extraordinary bikini in Guam at the pictorial in Guam…”A boat the size of a watermelon.” [N shot]

Ji So-yeon

Model Ji So-yeon took a self-delivery photo at Guam Beach.

Ji So-yeon posted on Instagram on the 5th, “I worked hard on the second part of imitating a foreign sister, Self-Cutting Photobook, and I did this pose easily when I was a model, but it’s hard. It’s difficult, he said. “As if my husband’s angle was wrong, I still leave them red in the hot sun.”

He added, “It looks easy, but it’s never easy pose, but we’re happy to leave it behind,” adding, “I was happy with Guam trip, and let’s go back to Guam play picture of the prenatal trip that I haven’t uploaded yet.”

In the picture, Ji So-yeon posed lying on the beach. He is attracting attention by revealing his D-line only in a bikini.

Ji So-yeon said, “At this time, my belly is very cute compared to now. My belly is as big as a king’s watermelon, I don’t dare to take pictures, it’s this hard last month, I respect you, all mothers.”

Meanwhile, actors Song Jae-hee and Ji So-yeon reported their second-year pregnancy in August this year. The two, who got married in 2017, became pregnant while suffering from infertility and were congratulated by many.

Actress Ji So-yeon`s who is pregnant, boasted her husband Song Jae-hee’s cooking skills.

Ji So-yeon`s posted a picture on the 3rd.

The released photo shows the rice cake soup and dumplings that Song Jae-hee carefully cooked for Ji So-yeon`s who is pregnant.

In particular, Ji So-yeon`s admires Song Jae-hee’s cooking and adds, “My husband’s rice cake soup is the best,” creating a smile.

Meanwhile, Ji So-yeon`s married actress Song Jae-hee in 2017. In addition, Ji So-yeon`s and Song Jae-hee received a lot of congratulations for announcing their pregnancy.

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