D-class movie.make it with the determination to die Jung Ga-eun

D-class movie.make it with the determination to die” Jung Ga-eun screen challenge ‘Star Bowl Life’

 Jung Ga-eun

Actor Jeong Ga-eun has launched a screen challenge. It’s through the movie ‘Life of Nothing’

On the 5th, a press preview of the movie “Life of Nothing Much” (director Seo Dong-heon) was held at the entrance of Lotte Cinema Konkuk University in Gwangjin-gu, Seoul. Director Seo Dong-heon, actors Jeong Ga-eun and Kwak Pil-je attended the meeting to talk about various things.

“Life of Nothing” is a time-slip fantasy melodrama about Lee Sun, who left for the past just before she died, facing her old lovers and trying to find love once again. Jeong Ga-eun challenged the movie by playing the main character “Lee Sun,” who will go on a time trip.

Lee Sun, who dreamed of becoming a wife of his own, leaving behind his unfortunate past, is not a proper man in the world. Thinking that starting over is the only way out, he dreams of a new love under the guise of extreme choice, but surprisingly, he faced a real death. The moment you stop breathing,
A seven-day time slip door opens to look back on past relationships.

Director Seo Dong-heon said, “I made him ready to die. “It was a movie with a smaller budget than a low-budget movie, and I’m grateful to the actors and staff who endured and followed me, and I hope you’ll get good results so that it doesn’t go to waste,” Jeong Ga-eun said.

Director Seo Dong-heon said, “I meet people in my life, but I pass by without knowing anything other than the time I face them.” When lovers break up, they can say bad things to the person because they don’t want to be hurt, and if they don’t talk about something different from what’s inside of them, and if they don’t see it until they die, the other person hears it until the end, and it can hurt the person. “With that thought, I made a movie thinking about how it would be if I could go back to ‘Time Slip’ and go through that situation again,” he explained.

In particular, director Seo Dong-heon said about the reason for casting Jeong Ga-eun, “I was originally a fan. When I thought about your appearance on the show, it fit perfectly with your image with “Lee Sun.” “I cast actors who match the character I drew in my head with the personality of the real person, and I’m still very grateful,” he said.

“Before the movie scenario, I prepared a web novel and showed it to you first. When I first met Jeong Ga-eun, she was so pure that I thought, “Is she stupid?” “I thought, ‘How can I live in this rough world?'” he said. “He’s a very hard worker. I was surprised when I saw the script. I thought you were studying for the examination. Even in places where you can’t see it, the script is worn out. “Thanks to you, I think the movie was made well,” he expressed his gratitude.

He added, “Jung Ga-eun is also good at entertainment shows, but I think it will be an opportunity to release hidden energy if ‘Life of Nothing’ is given more acting opportunities.”

Jeong Ga-eun said, “As soon as I saw the scenario, I thought it was me. “I wondered if I could be the main actor in the movie, but I thought I could try this role because the role of ‘Lee Sun’ was fundamentally similar to me,” he said.

“I’m in my 40s and my role is in my 20s, so I thought about how to look like I’m in my 20s. On the surface, I made a lot of efforts to become in my 20s. The director told me that there was a bikini scene, so I said I could do it. I promised to show you a great performance, and I lost 6 to 7kg by doing Pilates, swimming, and controlling my diet for about 5 months. “It would have been better if the weather was better at the time of the shooting, but I was satisfied with everything except that,” he explained.

Kwak Pil-je, who played three roles in “Life of Nothing,” said, “I thought about how to play three people, not one person.” “I wasn’t confident at first, but the director guided me and I learned a lot on the set,” he said.

“I also worked on the OST, and I was going to look at the script and make a song. “Life of Nothing” deals with various stories such as farewell and time slip, but I thought about writing a story with only one part, so I remembered my feelings after the breakup. No matter how much you love someone, after a long time, the person is sometimes erased from your head. That’s why I made a song called “Amnesia.”

Finally, director Seo Dong-heon said, “These days, many B-class movies have disappeared and there are no opportunities. I’d like to call ‘Life of Nothing’ a D-list movie. “I hope that I, the actors and staff who appeared, will have many opportunities,” he said. “If even one actor gets a big opportunity through this movie, I think it’s a successful movie.”

Jeong Ga-eun also said, “Actually, a big opportunity doesn’t matter. There are many friends who want to act, but there are many who can’t. He added, “I hope actors will have more opportunities to act, regardless of their level.”

Meanwhile, ‘Life of Nothing’ will be released on the 12th.

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