Director Zhong said, “I’m dissatisfied with Tang Wei acting…

Director Zhong said, “I’m dissatisfied with Tang Wei acting…I’m good now. I’m happy.

Tang Wei

Chinese film director Xu An-hwa (Heo An-hwa), who worked with actor Tang Wei, confessed that Tang Wei’s performance was unsatisfactory.

According to China’s Sina Entertainment report on the 4th, Xuanhua mentioned the movie “The Golden Age” starring Tang Wei and directed during a recent lecture at a lecture platform.

Director Xuan-hwa said, “Tangwei tried very hard, was good, and liked Tang Wei very much,” but added, “It wasn’t acting,” adding, “I regret that he didn’t say Tang Wei’s acting was not right at the time.

The 2014 film “The Golden Age” is a film about the real story of a famous Chinese female writer, and the director considered Tang Wei as the main character early on after watching “Color.” Tang Wei received favorable reviews from the audience by playing Xiao Hong, a writer who lived through the turbulent times.

Nevertheless, the director regretted that Tang Wei’s performance at the time was not satisfactory. “It’s not malicious,” the director stressed, “When filming in Harbin for 15 days, Tang Wei said he wanted to come to Harbin and spend a day with me before the filming team arrived.” We looked around Harbin together, played Go in our accommodation, and talked about life,” he recalled.

The director said, “I’ve never talked to an actor this much. “I wondered if that would work,” he said. “Tangwei went to his hometown and visited Xiaohong’s cemetery, read the author’s work, practiced writing, saw the biography, and easily recited Xiaohong’s book verses,” he explained. “At that time, I was a little confused and didn’t give directions. “I wasn’t even a coach who knew skills well,” he said. “In fact, I didn’t talk to Tang Wei about this role properly.” Tang Wei did his best, but it was not the performance he wanted. The coach said, “I didn’t know that either, and on second thought, it was my problem. “I had to consult with Tang Wei`s to solve the problem,” he reflected.

Finally, the director said about Tang Wei`s sweeping the Best Actress Award in Korea for his “decision to break up,” “I’m truly glad that Tang Wei`s is so good at acting now.”

Tang played Song Seo-rae, the main character of director Park Chan-wook’s movie “Determined to Break Up,” and won the Best Actress Award at the Buil Film Awards, the Korean Film Critics Association Award, the Chunsa International Film Festival, and the Blue Dragon Film Awards last year.

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