MAMAMOO Solar’s teaser image for “WAW” online concert.

MAMAMOO Solar’s teaser image for “WAW” online concert.

Mamamoo has released an additional individual teaser image of its first online concert, “WAW.”

Mamamoo released a teaser image of Solar of the 2021 Mamamoo online concert ‘WAW’ on its official SNS.

In the photo released, Solar showed off her sporty yet lively charm by matching ring earrings with a T-shirt that reformed sleeveless shirts.

It draws attention by giving a point with braided hair in a natural atmosphere.

In another photo, Solar is surrounded by flowers and creates a cozy feeling.

Solar stared forward with her long straight hair, giving off her innocent yet bright charm.

As such, Mamamoo released teaser images of Hwa Sa and Solar one by one ahead of their first online concert “WAW” on the 28th, raising expectations for a complete concert.

The concert, which will be held in two years and a month, is part of the 2021 Where Are We (WAW) project, and contains Mamamoo’s journey over the past seven years.

In addition to showing Mamamoo’s dominance on the stage with all the hit songs, it plans to showcase hidden stages that have not been released anywhere, including refreshing new songs.

In particular, it is rumored that the four members are sweating for the perfect performance, actively coming up with ideas from the setlist to the stage composition to meet the fans’ expectations.

Mamamoo is also paying attention to a unique stage that will be shown as “WAW” through a combination of outstanding singing, colorful performances and creative planning.

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