Jung Sung-il of ‘The Go player’……

Jung Sung-il of ‘The Go player’ and Ha Do-young of Netflix ‘The Glory’

Jung Sung-il

Jung Sung-il is stimulating women’s hearts in the original series “The Glory,” which was released on the 30th and is captivating Netflix viewers.

Actor Jung Sung-il plays Ha Do-young, who faces his wife Yeon-jin (Lim Ji-yeon)’s Pandora’s box due to Dong-eun (Song Hye-kyo), who has been permeating his daily life since some time, and is caught up in a vortex of revenge, giving off her middle-aged sexy charm.

“The Glory” tells the story of a woman whose soul was broken by violence in her childhood, who carefully prepared her whole life for her revenge and those who fell into the vortex. It is expected to be an extraordinary box office sensation, ranking third in the non-English-speaking TV category within three days of its release and ranking in the top 10 in 19 service countries.

Jung Sung-il has completely portrayed Doyoung, a character with a cynical personality that even feels sharp, although he has a peaceful family as a loving father and husband with wealth and power in his hands. Along with the perfect suit fit, the remaining vulgarity is packaged with a gentleness that does not disturb an inch, which further attracts viewers.

Jung Sung-il’s unique low- and medium-pitched voice, calm tone, and warm smile only on his daughter created his own Ha Do-young.

In particular, the scene of reuniting Dong-eun in Ki-won and giving her a keen look as if she were possessed by her added deep eyes and facial expressions without any special lines, creating a strange atmosphere and exuding the poison chemistry between the two. Dong-eun, who approached for revenge, and Doyoung, who is trapped in a trap, are in a toxic relationship with each other, but they are drawing too much immersion as if they were watching a melodrama scene.

With his long-standing acting experience on the stage of plays and musicals, he showed strong characters in each drama, “Thinking of the Moon When Flowers Bloom,” “Bad & Crazy,” “Stranger 2,” and “Our Blues.” Through this “The Glory,” actor Jung Sung-il is drawing attention with his strong character full of suction, exploding his inner strength.

As Dong-eun’s revenge for Yeon-jin progresses, attention is growing on Doyoung between the two and Jung Sung-il, who played it, and her performance in Part 2 is also drawing more expectations. Meanwhile, Part 1 of “The Glory” will be available on Netflix, and Part 2 will be released in March.

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