Lee Ji-ah → Lee Si-young warm “donat

Lee Ji-ah → Lee Si-young warm “donation procession” that melts the cold wave.

Lee Si-young

The warm good deeds of stars that melt even the cold wave are continuing.

Actress Lee Ji-ah recently provided IT devices to low-income children suffering from educational inequality through the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation.

Lee Ji-ah has been supporting IT devices for three years to children from low-income families who are vulnerable to education in order to close the educational gap due to the prolonged COVID-19. Many children are paying attention to the educational environment due to the news that many children feel burdened by the purchase of IT, which has become an essential element of the educational environment such as study and job preparation.

In response, an official from the Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation said, “We deeply thank Lee Ji-ah for her constant interest and support for the future of children. He said, “The support and support you sent will be a great hope for children who do not lose their dreams and work hard even in difficult environments.”

Actor Lee Si-young donated 100 million won to the Beautiful Foundation on the 4th.

The donation will be used to provide winter products such as coats, innerwear, and winter blankets to 230 members of grandparents, youth parents, and home-based elderly families.

This sharing originated from Lee Si-young’s steady interest in supporting the socially vulnerable, such as children, adolescents, women, and the elderly. Lee Si-young, who previously provided assistive devices to disabled children in 2019, showed “good influence” by donating 10 million won to support the living expenses of single-parent female self-employed people in 2020 and 100 million won to youth parents and children with border intelligence leaving welfare facilities in 2021.

Lee Si-young said, “I participated in the sharing with the hope that everyone would spend this particularly cold winter warmly,” adding, “I hope that the support for the health and happiness of my neighbors will be conveyed.”

Kim A-ran, director of the Beautiful Foundation, expressed her gratitude, saying, “I hope that Lee Si-young’s sharing will serve as an opportunity for many people to look at the safety of their neighbors and lead to a warm community atmosphere where they can spend a warm winter together.”

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