Lee Kyung-sil said, “We look alike……

Lee Kyung-sil said, “We look alike, but we don’t look alike when we break up.”So I’m meeting a new person.

Lee Kyung-sil

Comedian Lee Kyung-sil (57) revealed her own “couple view” with years of experience.

In the T-cast E-channel entertainment show “Dog Daughter-in-law,” which aired on the 5th, Lee Kyung-sil appeared as a special guest along with daily MC Lee Jin-ho.

Lee Kyung-sil, who became a mother-in-law, received a great response from her daughters-in-law, saying, “Don’t try to go after eating both meals at her in-laws.” He then told his mother-in-law across the country, “Please empty your mind and do so. He also expressed his belief, saying, “What do you think the children are so good at in-laws?”

In the broadcast on this day, the members also had sincere conversations with each other after holding a high-ranking unity competition such as recreation.

Jung Ji-min told her mother-in-law, “I’m so sorry that I’m the one among these many comedians,” adding, “I wanted to be a proud daughter-in-law…I couldn’t say anything. When Kim Young-hee said, “I want to take care of my mother-in-law a lot,” Kim Kyung-ah’s mother-in-law said, “I have as much time as I want.” Don’t worry,” he said.

Lee Jin-ho, who was watching the competition, expressed his wish, “I want to dress up and play soccer with my prospective mother-in-law,” and Lee Kyung-sil said, “It’s hard for my mother-in-law to be Cho Hye-ryeon.”

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