Kim Seung-hyun wife, traveling abroad..

Kim Seung-hyun wife, traveling abroad with her parents-in-law in “divorce crisis,” “You’re not angry, are you?” (“Walking into the madness”)

Kim Seung-hyun

Actor Kim Seung-hyun heralded a turbulent trip to Paris.

On the 6th, KBS2’s “Walking Into the Madness” released a teaser video of Kim Seung-hyun’s family.

Kim Seung-hyun suggests to his wife, “Why don’t you go to Paris with my parents?” My wife said, “Isn’t it too far?” “Do you think your friends will envy me?” Everyone would say, “Why?” “Why don’t you leave me out?” he was embarrassed.

Subsequently, a large number of in-laws from Kim Seung-hyun’s younger brother to his aunt and uncle appeared in their homes. As soon as she came in, she opened the refrigerator door and checked the side dishes, and was satisfied while trying on her daughter-in-law’s clothes.

A trip to Paris that ended up together. The local weather was foggy and rainy, making the scenery difficult to see and began to complain, “I’m dizzy.” When Kim Seung-hyun said, “I should have recognized the weather well,” my wife was dissatisfied, saying, “You didn’t recognize it?” In response, Kim Seung-hyun said, “I thought the weather in Paris would be nice.”

At the end of the video, Kim Seung-hyun’s wife told Kim Seung-hyun’s father, “When I talked to him in Korea, he said he would give me full authority. You’re not angry, are you?” he asked, making me curious.

Meanwhile, Kim Seung-hyun`s has a daughter with his ex-wife and remarried his wife as of 2020. Kim Seung-hyun’s parents have confessed to their twilight divorce crisis through MBC’s “Oh Eun-young Report-Marriage Hell.”

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