Al Hilal, stimulated by Al Nasr, is…

Al Hilal, stimulated by Al Nasr, is seeking to recruit Lionel Messi of ‘G.O.A.T’?

Al Nasr

Was it motivated by Al Nasr who recruited Cristiano Ronaldo? Another Saudi Arabian prestigious Al Hilal is seeking to recruit Lionel Messi, according to news.

According to the Arab media <Kura>, Al Hilal has reportedly begun behind-the-scenes work to recruit Messi, whose contract with Paris Saint-Germain expires on June 30. Al Hilal reportedly decided to try to get Messi after rival Al Nasr recruited Ronaldo.

Also, “Kura” reported that Al Hilal had already started talking to people close to Messi. Currently, Al Hilal is said to be currently under disciplinary action for violating transfer rules at the time of recruiting Saudi Arabia’s national midfielder Mohamed Canno, and predicted that he would pay a huge amount as soon as the measure is passed.

Saudi Arabia is seeking to host several mammoth international competitions, including the 2030 FIFA World Cup, and in the process, it seems that it should attract global attention by recruiting superstars such as Ronaldo and Messi. Attention is focusing on whether Al Hilal will be able to recruit Messi.

If you look at the history of Al Nasrfc football team, here it is.It was founded on 3 November 1955 and has won many titles since winning the Saudi Professional League in 1976.

He reached the finals of the 1995 Asian Club Championship (now AFC Champions League), but was defeated 1–0 by Ilhwa Chunma (now Seongnam FC).

In the 2013–14 season, he won the league title for the first time in 20 years with 20 wins, 5 draws, 1 loss, and 65 points. He also won the Crown Prince Cup, making it a double. However, in the 2015 AFC Champions League, he was eliminated in third place behind Lekwija and Persepolis, and lost 1-3 in the final sixth group qualifying round at home, and Fabian Estoyanov just beat Nam Tae-hee randomly after the match. When Nam Tae-hee scored a hat trick in the game, he showed the highest level of jealousy. With Gyeonggi-do also completely defeated and eliminated from the group stage, he was devastated because all of this was vividly filmed on the air. The owner of the club, Prince Faisal, cut Estoyanov’s salary by half and ended his loan, and on May 21, the Asian Football Confederation suspended Fabian Estoyanov for six AFC Champions League matches and fined him $10,000. 안전공원

In the 2021–22 Asian Champions League, he reached the semifinals and faced Al Hilal SFC. Despite the numerical inferiority of one player being sent off in the first half, he fought hard and went to 2-1 with Andersong Taliska’s performance, but Bangsang Abubakar showed disappointing determination and lost 2-1.

As of the 22-23 season, he is ranked first in the league with one more game than Al-Shabaab FC. If Al-Nasr wins this season, he will be able to win his first championship since the 18-19 season, and Al-Shabaab FC is showing a scary momentum this season.

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