Shin Hyun-seung “Yeongmae Sal”…”EUNGYEOL, who…

Shin Hyun-seung “Yeongmae Sal”…”EUNGYEOL, who was loved by many fans, and his chemistry with poison”.

Shin Hyun-seung

Actor Shin Hyun-seung, who debuted in 2021 and gained experience through “I hope the Earth will collapse tomorrow,” “Shooting Star” and “Adamas,” struggled to show Ko Eun-gyeol convincingly to viewers in the drama “Surviving as a Celebrity Manager” (written by Park So-young and directed by Baek Seung-ryong/directed by Yeonmae-sal) which ended in December last year.

“Yeongmaesal” is an office drama about the tears and sorrows of managers who are professional managers who work with Korea’s top stars but are only amateurs in their lives. Shin Hyun-seung played Ko Eun-gyeol, the son of entertainment director Ma Tae-o (Lee Seo-jin) and a new actor. I was more moved by meeting a character who had something in common as a new actor, but I was also worried that Ko Eun-yeol’s feelings would stand out in the drama, which consists of episodes centered on special actors in each episode.

Shin Hyun-seung expressed Ko Eun-gyeol’s joy and sorrow, contemplating his father, Hyun-joo (played by Joo Hyun-young), and his acting in a big flow of 12 episodes. Drawing another difficult character, Shin Hyun-seung also grew up as an actor. In a recent meeting with News 1, he said he was happy to meet ‘year-old’.

– What kind of person did Shin Hyun-seung see?

▶ My first impression was cold. As I read more and more often and made the character Eun-gyeol, I think I became Eun-gyeol who grew up being friendly, delicate, and loved a lot. I think Eun-gyeol was able to look attractive in the overall flow.

-Eunkyul and an actor have something in common. How was acting?

▶ I thought I could do well because I thought that she was a rookie actor and her personality was similar. However, due to the nature of the drama, each episode was centered on the actors, so Eun-gyeol had many scenes that appeared slightly in big cases. So when I first received the script, I thought about what to do with Eun-gyeol. In the eyes of the viewers, it came out for a while, but it seemed that the emotions would change a lot.

– How did you solve it?

▶ The coach caught me a lot on the spot. For example, in the scene where he gets angry when he sees his father and Hyun-joo in the office, he seems to have a very different tone from Eun-gyeol before. In order to be this angry and emotional, I thought I had to have a big heart for Hyun-joo even for a short time, so I acted while adjusting that point.

– How was acting like a youth romance with Joo Hyun-young?

▶ It was fun. This time, I heard the word ‘drug chemistry’ for the first time. The director liked the chemistry of the two characters so much and delivered a reaction to “drug chemistry.” I think Izakayasin painted it more delicately than the office god. I had no next schedule in Izakaya, so I filmed while drinking.

– In the last episode, I worked with actor Lee Soon-jae.

When I filmed with ▶ teacher, I felt like I was really Eun-gyeol.(laughs) I was nervous. The teacher told me about his past and told me a lot of good things. It was a time when I watched and learned a lot, and it was a great honor. When would I ever act in one angle with a teacher?

– What do you think of new actor Eun-gyeol?

Did ▶ get a lot of help from her father just because she joined the agency where her father is? I don’t think so. Unlike his father, he changed his last name, and he would not have been an entertainer in charge of the team leader, Cheon Je-in, who was most at odds with his father. I thought I had an aspect of trying on my own.

Q: What was the most fun episode you watched?

▶This is the second episode with Jin Sun-kyu and Lee Hee-joon. It was an episode that went over smoothly while watching the script, but I thought it was crazy when I saw the video. The scene where we sang together was so funny.

Q: As an actor, was it an opportunity for you to rethink your management of Yeon-A-N?

▶ I thought about it. I’m in the actor’s shoes, and I’m the one who spends the most time with me. Is this how you work when you’re away from me? That’s what I thought.

Q: How does it feel to achieve your dream of becoming an actor?

▶ So far, I’m just having fun and I’m so happy. I went to college (Sungkyunkwan University College of Arts) because I wanted to act, but when I was in school, I was worried about whether this was what I wanted to do. My colleagues and seniors are all good, but I feel like I’m the only one behind and I’m less interested in acting. After that, I joined the army, but I was diagnosed with a condition that I was not in a condition where I could receive training because my shoulder was originally bad. I was like, “I need to use my body and act. What should I do?” That’s when I realized that I wanted to act and that I liked it. I auditioned for Kakao M with the intention of challenging something outside of school, and I thought it would not be me, so I thought I would just say hello. But I got to continue acting like this because you liked it.

– Have you changed your mind?

▶ I started in a daze, but I realized it while filming. After the end of “Earth Network” (I hope the Earth will collapse tomorrow), the director said he liked the look and atmosphere when he met me for the first time, and told me not to lose my original intention and to work.Since then, I remember thinking for a long time about what “first intention” is.(laughing) I always think about my initial intentions while working happily and happily.

– If season 2 comes out, what kind of person do you expect to see?

I wonder if I can see ▶’s romance that is not a poison, and if there is success as an actor here, it would be the best.

Q: What do you want to show in the future?

▶I want to greet you in various ways with good works. The genre I want to try someday is fantasy. I really like fantasy and it is a generation that grew up like ‘Harry Potter’.(laughs) I think the advantage of an actor is that I can do what I can’t do. Other things can be achieved by trying hard, but fantasy and magic can only be done by actors. So, I really want to try it. (laughs)

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