“And Fortunately” Choo Shin-soo said..

“And Fortunately” Choo Shin-soo said, “Let’s just let him go.”

Choo Shin-soo

Choo Shin-soo is in danger while preparing octopus.

In the 106th episode of MBC’s “I’m glad if you don’t fight” (directed by Kim Myung-jin, hereinafter referred to as “Andhaeng”), which will air on January 9, the baseball legends Choo Shin-soo, Lee Dae-ho, and Jung Geun-woo’s “My Hand (I Hold It With My Hand).”

On this day, Choo Shin-soo, Lee Dae-ho, and Jung Geun-woo will challenge their first ‘My Hand’ dish. Choo Shin-soo is in charge of preparing octopus. At this time, Choo Shin-soo hears how to prepare octopus from Jung Geun-woo and makes a fresh suggestion, “Let’s just send all octopus.” Despite Choo’s earnest persuasion, Lee Dae-ho and Jung Geun-woo do not even pretend to listen.

In response, Choo Shin-soo`s has a 1:1 time with octopus with a disturbed mind. However, he can’t take out the eyes of the octopus in his hand and fiddle with it. Eventually, Jung Geun-woo, who was waiting for the trimmed octopus, explodes, “I’m going to go back.” I wonder if Choo Shin-soo`s will be able to overcome his fear and trim the octopus.

Before cooking, Lee Dae-ho tries to make a fire. However, Lee Dae-ho’s desire to win is burning due to the fire that rarely catches. Lee Dae-ho is struggling with Choo Shin-soo`s who is struggling with octopus. The two players, each facing a formidable opponent, shout “I think I’m going to die” and say they have a hard time, amplifying curiosity.

After many twists and turns, the dish is completed, and those who sit around the same table show a hectic eating show. In particular, Lee Dae-ho’s eating show catches everyone’s attention in the studio. Ahn Jung-hwan said, “If there is Hyun Joo-yeop in basketball, there is Lee Dae-ho in baseball,” acknowledging his eating skills.

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