“Lee Jung-eun and Kim Dong-hwi reveal why they….

“Lee Jung-eun and Kim Dong-hwi reveal why they cherish each other like their own son” production team of “Missing 2”

Lee Jung-eun

The reason why Lee Jung-eun of Missing 2 cares about Kim Dong-hwi like her own son will be revealed.

tvN’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Missing: They Were There 2” (directed by Min Yeon-hong Lee Ye-rim/written by Banban-ri Jung So-young/planned studio dragon/produced by Mace Entertainment DuFrame/hereinafter referred to as “Missing 2) is a fantasy tracking drama of “Soul Watching Combi” that reoccurred in their desperation.

In the last broadcast, Oh Il-yong (Kim Dong-hwi), a mysterious resident of Soul Village Industrial Complex 3, confessed to the murder, saying he was in partnership with Goliath (Jeong Yoon-jae), the head of a drug organization in the past, shocking him. Moreover, unlike other residents from the beginning of the play, Oh Il-yong freely traveled inside and outside the village and witnessed all the kidnapping scenes, raising questions about his identity. Among them, Kang Seon-jang (played by Lee Jeong-eun), the owner of the fortune-teller in the third industrial complex, asked Oh Il-yong not to talk about the past, asking him to protect his past even if he knew it and took care of them like his own son.

In a related development, the still, which was released ahead of the 7th episode of “Missing 2” on January 9, catches the eye as it shows a tearful Oh Yoo-yong in front of Captain Kang (Lee Jung-eun). While keeping eye on Captain Kang and continuing his conversation, Oh Il-yong eventually bites his lips tightly and breaks his heart. Captain Kang is silently listening to Oh Il-yong’s story, and his eyes and expressions show his regret for Oh Il-yong, drawing attention. This is an image of the past when Oh Il-yong confessed to Captain Kang’s murder, and attention is being paid to what secrets exist in the relationship between the two, who are like biological mother and son. Furthermore, curiosity is raised vertically in the past story of Oh Il-yong, who confessed to murder.

“The reason why Captain Kang cares about Oh Il-yong like his own son will be revealed today (9th),” the production team said, “The secrets and unexpected dynamics of each character will be revealed, and unpredictable developments will be swept up.” “I ask for your interest in ‘Missing 2’,” he said.

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