“Ireland” Sung-joon, a crazy aura who swallowed..

“Ireland” Sung-joon, a crazy aura who swallowed silver long hair.


Actor Sung-joon finally revealed his strong presence in the original TVing series Ireland.

In the 3rd and 4th episodes of the original Tving series “Ireland,” which was released on the 6th, Miho (Lee Da-hee) will go to the house of student training who was absent as a temporary teacher of Tamago, but Benzule Shinmok, who was eroded by Jung Yeom-gwi, occupies the room of training. Miho and Yohan (played by Cha Eun-woo) are in shock and confusion. And the intense presence of Gungtan (Sungjun), who suddenly appeared around the class who visited the forest in unusual energy, amplified curiosity with extreme tension.

Sung-joon appears next to the class as if answering the Geumgangjeo of the class (played by Kim Nam-gil), who reacts crazily when Mi-ho and Yo-han are trapped. Even though it was the appearance of a moment, Sung-joon raised the tension of the play to the maximum with his mysterious silver hair and strong eyes.

In particular, the unrealistic silver-haired visual and Geumgangjin are in between, raising expectations for the depth of the narrative hidden in the drama island, even when half of them can’t see it.

Sung-joon said about the role of Gung-tan, who was abandoned by the world, “Gung-tan, a character close to pure evil, is a character with extreme innocence, and is influential in the entire play due to such an extreme aspect of Gung-tan,” drawing more attention to the reason for the longing and sad eyes and the influence of Gung-tan.

Meanwhile, as the past story of the end of the fourth episode and the expedition is revealed, expectations are increasing for the future story of the beginning of the narrative that has been passed on thousands of years ago.

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