Lee Myung-han, Na Young-seok, Shin Won-ho….

Lee Myung-han, Na Young-seok, Shin Won-ho, and Tal CJ ENM?It’s just a change of company to San-Ha’s label. [Roundup]

Lee Myung-han

Lee Myung-han, former co-CEO of Tving, and Na Young-seok and Shin Won-ho PD moved to Egg’s Coming, a label production company under CJ ENM.

In a telephone conversation with OSEN on the 9th, a CJ ENM official explained about the transfer rumor of former CEO Lee Myung-han, Na Young-seok, and PD Shin Won-ho, “It’s just changing their affiliation to an affiliated label.” Rather than resigning grandly and changing jobs, he moved to an affiliated label belonging to CJ ENM.

Egg Is Coming, established in 2018, is a production company centered on writer Lee Woo-jung. Starting with “Coffee Friends,” he produced “New Journey to the West 7,” “Spring Camp,” “Kang Restaurant” Season 1, Season 2 “Three Meals a Day” Mountain Village, Fishing Village 5, and “Wise Doctor’s Life.” It was incorporated into a label under CJ ENM Studios in October last year.

Producer Na Young-seok and Shin Won-ho have consistently worked with Egg’s Coming and production. Although his/her affiliation has become Egg’s Coming, producer Na Young-seok’s new work “Seojin’s” will continue as it is. It is interpreted as a big feature for more free content production.

Meanwhile, producer Na Young-seok was recently selected as the top 10 in the 2023 Visionary. He said, “Thank you so much for the precious award. It has been a little sluggish in recent years, but last year, I met really good friends and was able to do a work called “Bbyongbbyong Earth Entertainment Room” and I think I got a lot of good energy. “I think it’s because the members were there rather than what I did well,” he said.

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