Espa, sobbing from day one?

Espa, sobbing from day one?


The passionate desire to win by the group Aespa catches the eye.

Episodes 5 and 6 of Espa’s first solo reality “Espa’s Think Road” will be exclusively released on Wavve at 11 a.m. on the 11th.

In “Sink Road of Espa,” which aired last week, Espa’s appearance as a “gamespa” was revealed, showing the aspect of an e-key mission as well as a game player with a great desire to win, drawing keen attention.

This week’s broadcast will unveil the first accommodation of a trip to Gangwon-do Province amid a series of “three games for dinner” for dinner.

After the last menu is released, the members light up their eyes and burn their desire to win with enthusiasm. The “Initial Praise Quiz” was unveiled as a game event, and overseas members Giselle and Ningning surprised everyone with their excellent vocabulary as hidden strong players.

As it was the first solo reality, the members’ expectations and curiosity about the first accommodation of their trip to Gangwon-do continued. Prior to arriving at the accommodation, the members visited a convenience store to prepare a late night snack and breakfast the next day at the suggestion of Espa’s official “eating teacher” Winter.

Member Karina and Winter were careful to shop while checking ingredients for reasonable consumption, but member Giselle and Ningning showed conflicting appearances, such as ice cream flexing. evoked laughter

Unlike the way they enjoyed shopping, the members of the “Entertainment Chick” Espa, who faced a crisis of exceeding the limit in front of the checkout counter, are paying keen attention to whether they will fall for the temptation to make a payment from the first day.

The Espa members, who finally arrived at the accommodation, were amazed by the ocean view with a wide terrace and Mangsang Beach right in front of them. Since then, the room assignment game has begun with the first and second floor solitary rooms that all members want.

In the playground in front of the accommodation, all-time scary missions are held. The members, who went out to carry out the missions one after another, screamed at the creepy atmosphere that unfolded in the middle of the night, and became completely Winter burst into tears and attracted fans’ attention. You can check out the story of Winter’s tears and who won the room alone by winning the room assignment

Meanwhile, ‘Sink Road of Espa’ will be exclusively released on Wavve at 11 a.m. on the 11th.

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