Pineapple Studio X MustB spreads AI-K-pop influence widely.

Pineapple Studio X MustB spreads AI-K-pop influence widely.

Pineapple Studio

Pineapple Studio (CEO Joo Young-jin), a music startup, will release an AI new song that they worked with K-pop idol group MustB.

According to Pineapple Studio on the 10th, MustB participated as a singer of the song “Persona” selected from the AI composition audition program “Songwriting with AI” broadcast on Arirang TV in 2022.

This song was created using a sound source extracted from AI composition software. “Persona,” which gives a strong hip-hop sound, goes well with MustB’s attractive tone, and the composer was very satisfied at the time of recording.

After recording the song, MustB said, “It was a special experience to be able to sing the new song ‘Persona’ created by AI. “We want to play AI new songs made in Korea to fans around the world through our voices,” he expressed his desire.

Mustbe, who has been active overseas since his debut, toured 18 cities in 13 countries, including Puerto Rico, Alabama, Houston, Panama, Al Salvador, Metquigo Merida, Osaka, Mongolia, Dubai, Bucharest, Tokyo, Argentina, Cape Town, South Africa, and Vientiane, Laos last year.

MustB is proudly expanding its presence as a K-pop idol group by informing local fans of the music and culture released after its debut. In particular, he was invited to the K-WAVE FESTA, a performance commemorating the 30th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Korea and South Africa, leading the hot stage.

Pineapple Studio and MustB’s collaboration single “Persona” will be released at noon on the 10th.

The AI composition audition program ‘Song writing with AI’ selected the final three songs after fierce screening. Following “EASY” released as the first single, MustB’s “Persona” and Jockey’s “Love You Back” will be released one after another.

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