Kang Ho-dong first SBS return film in four years..

Kang Ho-dong first SBS return film in four years, ‘Hell Court’, poster released…The first episode airs on the 26th.

Kang Ho-dong

The official poster of the new BS “Hell Court in Wonderland” (hereinafter referred to as “Hell Court”) has been released.

The “Hell Court” is a public trial show in which performers who have big and small conflicts in reality and celebrity lawyers join forces to fight. The “Hell Court,” which previously announced Kang Ho-dong’s return to SBS for the first time in four years through an intense teaser video, unveiled seven celebrity cast members through the official poster.

The poster released shows a team of six lawyers divided into the orange team and the mint team, and Kang Ho-dong, who took the center stage, drawing attention. In particular, Kang Ho-dong’s costume consists of orange and mint halves, suggesting MC Kang Ho-dong’s role in “Hell Court.”

It also raises questions about how the orange team and mint team, which are divided into exactly two sides, will be tried by the “hell court” and what the role of each defense team will be.

Looking at the defense team, the orange team, which consists of only national team leaders, including Eun Ji-won, the leader of the group Sechs Kies, Aiki, the leader of the dance team HOOK, and Kim Tae-kyun, a former captain of the Hanwha Eagles, stands out. It raises questions about how their experience of leading the team will affect their defense in the “hell court.” Rumor has it that the performers who have sent the story of the conflict have already expressed their willingness to entrust their defense to the Orange team.

The mint team on the other side of the orange team also boasts a colorful combination of members. Ji Sang-ryul, who is called the “father of the horse’s feet,” singers Kang Seung-yoon and Lilcheri will present a combination of father, son and daughter. In particular, the production team said that the MZ generation is scrambling to apply for defense in anticipation of Ji Sang-ryul, who is in his third heyday with excellent empathy, and Kang Seung-yoon, who is the MZ generation itself.

“Hell Court” is a “full-scale public trial show” program in which lawyers armed with legal, human, statistical, and entertainment fun openly defend themselves next to customers in conflict, and will premiere on the 26th.

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