It is twice as much as 2.2 million won a month in the weatherman

It is twice as much as 2.2 million won a month in the weatherman Yang Tae-bin Douglas.


Weather caster Yang Tae-bin revealed his salary by comparing Park Yeon-jin’s salary in Netflix’s “The Glory.”

On the 6th, Yang Tae-bin’s YouTube channel said, ‘There is a character like Park Yeon-jin in the actual broadcasting station?! / A video titled ‘SBS Weather Caster’s Douglas Review’ was posted.

Yang Tae-bin said, “As an incumbent weathercaster, she will review the weathercaster ‘Park Yeon-jin’ in The Glory.” He said, “The scenes in the drama are similar to the real thing, but there are also quite different parts.”

Earlier on Netflix’s “The Glory,” Park Yeon-jin (played by Lim Ji-yeon) said, “This broadcasting station is 220 weeks a month for me, but my husband…I mean, 220 million dollars is spent,” he said, “for every company, every news, every year, every person.

“It’s different, but I earn more than this (2.2 million won),” he said. “To be honest, the amount I said here is the amount I earned when I was a college student,” he said of his salary.

“Our company tends to give a lot. I’m getting more than double the salary I’m talking about here. “I’m a freelancer, so I’m doing a lot of work besides the company, so it depends on my personal capabilities,” he said, comparing the salary in “The Glory.”

Yang Tae-bin said, “There were many people who wondered if weather casters often marry rich people,” adding, “Many weather casters marry rich people or just marry ordinary people, and there are all kinds of differences.” “It’s true that there’s a wide range of reason to meet because it’s a job on the screen,” he said.

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