ENHYPEN J’s novel became a half-thousand-year history

ENHYPEN J’s novel became a half-thousand-year history embarrassing apology.


Group ENHYPEN J caused a “talk-mistake controversy.” a comparison of Korean history to a ‘novel book’ The apology also started with excuses. The wrong view of history cannot be overlooked for reasons of ‘ignorance’.

Jay posted a lengthy apology on ENHYPEN’s official fan platform Weverse on the 11th. Jay said, “Whatever the reason, I sincerely apologize for causing inconvenience to ENGENE (the official fandom name of ENHYPEN). I spoke too carelessly about the important topic of Korean history only with my personal impression,” he said.

Whatever the reason was the beginning of the apology. He said the wrong view of history through narrow-minded thinking. Ignorance does not serve as a shield to prevent controversy. The controversy could be interpreted as “unfair.” It does not have a positive effect on the situation in which the apology was issued.

Jay’s ‘Korean History Remarks’ began on a live broadcast. “(History) feels like a short story,” Jay said. “Other countries are really endless. There’s something going on, but Korea passed at once, and there was a little bit of it after the Three Kingdoms period, and I felt why it ended sooner than I thought.”

Shortly after the live broadcast ended, it was argued that it was “denigrating Korean history.” Starting with Gojoseon, the history of Korea lasted about half a million years. It has deep roots and history to compare it to a “novel book.”

Jay’s comments can be wrapped up as ‘a slip of the tongue’. He would have wanted to get out of this controversy with the admission of “I didn’t know” and the pledge to “learn a lot.” However, it seems difficult to cover Jay’s “wrong view of history” with excuses.

Ignorance is not a boast. If you don’t know and make a slip of the tongue, it’s like revealing your ability. There is also sympathy for Jay. Jay had multiple nationalities in the U.S. and Korea, so he did not know Korean history in Korea. This argument cannot protect Jay either.

Jay is a multi-national, but he came from Korea throughout his elementary, middle and high school years. I learned Korean culture for ten years and received a Korean education. There was plenty of time to build a proper view of history. This statement is not a mistake. It’s just “I don’t know what I’

There is an idol senior who said “Gintokang (Kim Doo-han’s Japanese pronunciation)” while looking at independence activist Ahn Jung-geun. I’m Shin Ji-min from AOA. Since then, Shin has had to suffer a lot of insults and suffering. You can’t blame anyone because it started out of your ignorance.

Ignorance is no excuse. The sin of ignorance is heavy because it ends with a short apology without sincerity. Like Shin Ji-min’s “Gintokang,” “Novel Book” can be Jay’s tag. a slip of the tongue made by ‘wrong view of history’ It’s time to bear the weight of the sin.

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