Liverpool Shin Sung who debuted at the age of 16 is now

Liverpool Shin Sung who debuted at the age of 16 is now the branch manager of the chicken restaurant


A quick start doesn’t guarantee success. Jerome Sinclair (26), who set the record for the youngest player of prestigious Liverpool, has been reported.

Sinclair, a former Liverpool youth team member, was considered one of the best talents of his age. He was one of the most promising players, who played the center striker and the right flank, even representing England by age.

The opportunity to debut as a professional also came quickly. In September 2012, he made his dream of becoming a professional player by playing as a substitute in the League Cup against West Bromwich Albion. At that time, he broke Liverpool’s youngest appearance record with 16 years and 6 days.

However, his career has not shone since then. He moved to Watford in 2016 and moved to Sunderland and Oxford United on loan. In the end, he has no team since the summer of 2021, when he was 24 years old.

British media Mirror reported his story on the 10th (Korea Standard Time), saying, “Sinclair, who was Liverpool’s youngest player, suffered a sharp fall after his professional debut.”

Sinclair recalled, “I had no fear,” but expressed regret, saying, “Everything happened too quickly.”

“My first training with the first team was the best moment of my life,” Sinclair said. Every moment when I touched the ball was my dream,” he said, recalling his proud memory.

Coach Brandon Rogers, who was the head coach at the time, also paid attention to Sinclair’s possibility. Sinclair said, “Rogers called me and said, ‘It’s really nice. We will be with us more,’ he explained.

In the end, Sinclair was included in the replacement list against West Bromwich. “My usual friends and I were ball boys that day,” Sinclair said. I will never forget the moment when Rogers said, “Let’s get into the game now.” “I was 16 at the time and I had no fear,” he said of the moment before his debut.

Sinclair then played in Steven Gerrard’s final match and also played in charity matches at Gerrard’s request. But his Liverpool career ended with one goal in five games.

Sinclair’s soccer life, which started faster than others and drew attention, is more likely to end early. Invincible, he started a second life, not a footballer 토토사이트

The media said, “Currently, Sinclair operates a fried chicken takeout chain. “There is little chance that he will return to the ground,” he said, adding that his career is virtually over.

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