Even if I’m born again I’ll be married to Haha about 20 times

Even if I’m born again I’ll be married to Haha about 20 times


It has been 14 years. Singer Byul (40), who has recently released single songs, released her full-length album “Startrail” for the first time in a long time and sings with her trajectory over the past 20 years and the trajectory to be drawn.

“Startrail,” which will be released at 6 p.m. on the 11th, is the sixth full-length album in 14 years since “Watching a Drama” in 2009. The album contains a total of 10 songs, including the double title songs “Afternoon” and “You’re.” The main title, “Afternoon,” is a song that captures the speaker’s longing for his past love, which still remains in time after the breakup.

Star, who debuted with her first full-length album “December 32” in 2002, immediately topped the list, receiving great love. He then became a female vocalist with both skills and popularity by releasing hit songs such as “Full House” OST “I Think I’m Ai,” “Hello” with Na Yoon-kwon, “If I Watch a Drama,” and “I Hate You.” After marrying Haha in 2012, she held three children in her arms. Accordingly, Byul, who has focused on singles and OSTs, appeared on tvN’s entertainment show “Mom is an Idol” last year and challenged herself to become a project group Mamadol.

Recently, Byul met with News 1 ahead of the release of her sixth full-length album at a cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul. In fact, Byul, who confessed that she had a hard time preparing for this album, smiled, saying, “But thanks to the support and support of my family,” and added, “And thank you to the fans who waited for a long time.”

– This album also includes several songs written and composed.

The ▶ track “Age” is the lyrics I wrote because I really wanted to talk about myself while doing this album. Come to think of it, I haven’t written much about myself. Looking back on the past, I’m already this old. Haha. Last year, the first digit changed to the age of counting, and I wrote the lyrics then. I debuted in my 20s and 20s and recalled the beautiful moments on stage in the past and thought, “I’ve done that before,” and I had complex and subtle emotions. So I told my husband, “Honey, I’m 40 years old, how did I get old?” and he said, “You’ve had three children, it’s cool.” Thinking that I didn’t do anything, I wrote that life with my husband and child was okay, and that I would choose this life even if I was born again. “Song,” “Night Like This,” and “Me Back then” are all songs that you can know about me.

Q: What do you mean, “I’ll choose even if I’m born again”?

▶I know I won’t be able to take the college entrance exam, but if I were to be born again and get married, I would marry my husband again. I mean it. But I’m not dating. The condition is to date about 20 times and meet my husband. In fact, I couldn’t date a lot before I met my husband because I’m living as a bitter regret.(laughs)

– This b-track “I Don’t Know” is a reinterpretation of the song from HaHa’s “Blank” released in 2021. How did you come to work on it?

▶At that time, Ha-ha was collecting songs for the EP album, and at that time, he listened to “I Can’t Know.” The piano was the main part, but the song was really good, so I said I wanted to do it, and he said I couldn’t give it up. So I was thinking that I should cover HaHa’s song when he released it, but when I prepared for this album, I wanted to have a minimal song that only leads to a guitar solo with a voice, and I remembered this song. I asked for permission to remake it carefully, and with permission, I reinterpreted it in a different way. My husband really liked it.

– It is also the first album to be released after marriage. How did your family react?

▶My husband is my biggest fan. They really liked all the songs in this album and monitored them in detail. Even in the process of choosing the title song, he told me that “Afternoon” was just you, and people would have waited for this.” The person who gave the most strength in all processes is the husband. My husband also waited a lot for my album to come out, so he always said sorry. Because he was my colleague, but he got married, and he was grateful to see me at home, but he was sorry, and more than anyone else, he waited and cheered for me to perform on the stage and sing. And the eldest actually doesn’t listen to ballads, but he liked it after listening to ‘Afternoon’. In fact, the ad-lib line was also added at the end of the bridge part because the eldest advised me. Thank you for listening and singing along at home.

– Are you planning for the next album?

▶ I don’t think it’ll take long. There are songs that I kept, so I’m going to diligently play them until the end of this year. In particular, although it is not included in the 10 songs of this album, there are already other songs in the mood and songs saved, so I think I can continue to be single or mini. Unless there is a fourth. Haha. This is the most worrisome part of our company. If that’s not the case, I want to work hard on album activities and music work and build a lot of songs. And I’m planning a concert, but now I want to perform a lot in the long term and periodically.

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