Han Yeseul’s first home comeback in four years Casting

Han Yeseul’s first home comeback in four years Casting The Queen Lives in Seoul” in Seoul

Han Yeseul

Actor Han Ye-seul will make a spectacular comeback to the small screen.

According to a report by SPOTV News on the 11th, Han Ye-seul has been cast in the drama “The Queen Lives in Seoul” (tentative title) and is currently in final coordination.

Han Ye-seul will play Nam Dal-la, a senior fashion journalist called a “dol-i” in the industry, in “The Queen Lives in Seoul.”

In the drama, “Namdalla” is an achievementist who risks his life on the top of the list, and he lives without taking care of himself with his messy hair every day because he lives every day like a battle. However, he firmly overcomes his own pain with a positive energy, revealing the true face of a passionate Seoul native.

It’s been about four years since Han Yeseul made a comeback in a drama. Expectations are all the more high for this comeback as Han Ye-seul, who showed a clear presence with her unique character, unrivaled visuals, and acting that melts into the character.

In “The Queen Lives in Seoul,” Han Ye-seul plans to make a different change by portraying the dream and reality of a superwoman in this era who wants to catch both work and family. Han Ye-seul’s unique charm is expected to create a consensus among viewers.

In particular, as he showed his own styling with unrivaled fashion sense and costume digestion, it raises questions about how Han Ye-seul, who turned into a fashion journalist, will return.

Meanwhile, “The Queen Lives in Seoul” is a new work by Tiger Studio, which plans and co-produces Netflix’s original “The Bride of Black” last year and currently plans and co-produces MBC’s Friday-Saturday mini-series “Number-Building Forest Watchers.”

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