Jang Geunseok, you have a girlfriend?”There..

Jang Geunseok, you have a girlfriend?”There needs to be someone next to you”.

Jang Geunseok

In “Yeonjung Plus,” Jang Geun-seok mentions the existence of a girlfriend.

KBS 2TV’s “Yeonjung Plus,” which airs on the afternoon of the 12th, will show the controversy over singer Kang Min-kyung’s passion pay, “Rival VS,” which will determine the winner among star actors Song Joong-ki and Hyun Bin, and “Let’s go see the difference between Jung Yong-hwa, Kwak Sun-young, and Ye Ji-won in KBS 2TV’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Brain Cooperation.” And it will be decorated with “Star’s Way Home” with actors Heo Sung-tae and Jang Geun-seok from Coupang Play’s original series, “Bait.”

First of all, “Yeonjung Plus” delivers the news of singer Kang Min-kyung, who has been embroiled in controversy over passion pay. Kang Min-kyung, who started a shopping mall business in 2020, sold a 6.5 billion won building in Hapjeong-dong and used it as a shopping mall office and showroom, drawing attention. He recently caused controversy by listing the annual salary of experienced job seekers at 25 million won in a shopping mall job posting on his personal SNS account. In addition, Kang Min-kyung was rumored to have sold scrunchies for 59,000 won even when the shopping mall opened.

In addition, stars embroiled in the controversy over the “celebrity premium” caused by rising prices due to celebrities include actor Gong Hyo-jin, G-Dragon of the group Big Bang, and Jessica from Girls’ Generation. Listen to the reason why celebrity premium was created in “Yeonjung Plus” through experts.

a star who made headlines with romance of the century From actors Song Joong-ki and Hyun Bin’s hit works to real estate that sounds “billion” will be examined in “Rival VS.”

Song Joong-ki, who recently celebrated his “second heyday” with the JTBC drama “The Youngest Son of a Rebel House,” became a Korean Wave star with the drama “Descendants of the Sun” in 2016. Since then, Song Joong-ki, who boasted a high ransom in the advertising industry, has drawn attention as he is known to have more than 50 billion won in real estate assets from condominiums in Hawaii, detached houses in Itaewon, and top villas in Cheongdam-dong.

On the other hand, Hyun Bin, who became the nation’s younger man with the drama “My Name is Kim Sam-soon.” He was loved for his urban “chaebol man” image, creating a “Juwon Sickness” syndrome with the drama “Secret Garden.” In addition, he showed his outstanding financial skills, and was surprised to hear that he bought a penthouse in Guri, known as a honeymoon house with his wife Son Ye-jin, for about 4.8 billion won. Who will be the star that you chose from “Rival vs.” You can check it out on that day.

In ‘Let’s Go!’ you will meet actors Jung Yong-hwa, Kwak Sun-young, and Ye Ji-won of KBS’s first Monday-Tuesday drama drama “Brain Cooperation,” which starts in 2023. Jung Yong-hwa, who plays the role of a brain scientist, will stimulate curiosity by revealing the behind-the-scenes story of having to digest a huge amount of metabolism. Meanwhile, Ye Ji-won, who was in charge of a character with excessive sexual desire, made a lot of headlines for her photo of pole dancing while holding a milestone on the street during the filming of “Brain Cooperation.” In response, Ye Ji-won said, “Pol dancers actually hang on the street a lot,” drawing laughter.

Next, let’s check out the three actors’ innermost thoughts. Actors who have time to choose characters that they want to change their brains from the mood makers on the set. It raises expectations for who the actors they pointed out will be. Also, the filming site of the drama! It’ll be revealed on “Let’s Go!”

With the trot craze, the number of middle-aged fans has increased! From their extraordinary fandom culture to the difference between idol fandom culture, “Going to the end of planning coverage” covered it. Trot fans who clearly showed their identity with colorful cheering tools and fashion that “Yeonjung Plus” met at singer Song Ga-in’s fan meeting and Kim Ho-joong’s concert. Unlike idol fandom sending gifts to the agency or opening an event cafe on a member’s birthday, trot fandom has an unexpected special gift. It raises questions about what the identity of “this” that filled Kim Ho-joong’s refrigerator with the love of fans will be.

You can also hear the stories of trot fans who said they have become closer to their families since they began their fan life by sharing their fandom culture, from telling them how to stream or vote to booking concert tickets instead.

Finally, actors Jang Geun-seok and Heo Sung-tae of Coupang Play’s original series, the crime thriller “Bait,” were together on “Star’s Way Home.” Jang Geun-seok, who played the role of a veteran detective, went to a fishing cafe according to his intuition. It is said that the winner will be given a special gift by holding a fishing competition. It raises questions about who succeeded in making a big hit while being constantly baited.

In addition, Heo Sung-tae, who was recently selected as the “Star who will shine in 2023” by “Yeonjung Plus,” expressed his feelings about starring in the drama for the first time.

Jang Geun-seok, a senior in the entertainment industry, celebrated his 30th anniversary last year. When asked by Heo Sung-tae, “Do you have a girlfriend?” during the lie detector game corner, he surprised everyone by confessing, “I always have to have someone next to me.” The chemistry between the two actors, who are full of entertainment, can be seen on “Star’s Way Home.”

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