Jeon Min-ki said, “Park Myung-soo’s best quote? ‘Tiny and dusty..

Jeon Min-ki said, “Park Myung-soo’s best quote? ‘Tiny and dusty'”, Park Myung-soo said, “I want to work at home in 10 years” (Radio show)

Jeon Min-ki

On KBS Cool FM’s “Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show,” which aired on the 13th (Fri), big data expert Jeon Min-ki introduced and talked about popular search keywords in the “Search N Chart” section.

On this day, Jeon Min-ki said, “There are many people who look for wise sayings in the new year. So, among them, I prepared “Best 5 Wise Words by Park Myung-soo,” which became a hot topic among them. When I looked it up, there were still many people who organized and uploaded “Park Myung-soo’s wise saying,” DJ Park Myung-soo responded, “Even I saw it, my style has been the MZ generation since 10 years ago.”

Jeon Min-ki then said, “I selected the keywords mentioned a lot on big data,” introducing Park Myung-soo’s best five famous words, fifth place, “I look down on fine words,” fourth place, “Death and marriage are better the later,” third place, “It’s too late when I think it’s late.” and first place, “Tiny Mozzy Tiny.”

Among them, Park Myung-soo said, “If you don’t have confidence, you look down on it,” adding, “When you see new employees, they are all the same.” You have to pick a confident friend. I’m giving you a chance. Confidence should be ahead of skills, he stressed.

Regarding “The more you postpone death and marriage, the better,” Park Myung-soo said, “This is not what I said. “I quoted a lot, but it’s from Talmud,” he corrected, adding, “Of course, it’s better to postpone death.” Marriage is more difficult to raise and live with than postponement, so the government should take the lead in resolving it. If the government recognizes 50% of the difficulties, why does the birth rate fall? I look forward to your kind cooperation,” he added.

Later, when asked by Park Myung-soo, “I don’t think it’ll come in 10 years, but it’ll come soon,” Jeon Min-ki asked, “How do you draw Park Myung-soo’s 10 years later?” Park Myung-soo said, “I think I’ll be doing what I want to do in a more comfortable place in 10 years. From home to home network system. Didn’t S Electronics make something that solves everything at home at CES this time? “I want to work at home,” he replied, drawing laughter.

Park Myung-soo then said, “There are some quotes that I made recently. “The place I said I wouldn’t do it. Someone else will fill it up”. I’m just telling you to do it. I don’t think it’ll work if I’m out, but it works better. “It means that you have to catch things when they come in and when the opportunity comes, don’t let them down too much,” said Jeon Min-ki, who agreed, “It touches me.”

When one listener mentioned Park Myung-soo’s phrase, “Marriage is not about meeting a good partner, but about being a good partner,” Park Myung-soo said, “This is not what I said. “When I got married, my father-in-law’s acquaintance wrote this,” he said, “This story touches my heart.” That’s a really good thing to say. I always try to be a good match, too. “This story should be played higher than ‘Talmud’,” he stressed.

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