BewhY, you’ve become Abby.Holding my daughter for..

BewhY, you’ve become Abby.Holding my daughter for a day, I said, “You’re precious.”


Rapper BewhY showed his affection for his three-day-old daughter.

BewhY expressed her feelings on her Instagram story on the 15th, saying, “It’s precious.”

BewhY said, “That’s ridiculous. It really doesn’t make sense. How people are created. “How can I get a person,” he said, expressing He said, “It’s a miracle. It’s just a miracle. “God gave me ridiculous miracles as a natural gift,” he said. “It doesn’t make sense.” “God must have made me and her meet because he missed Siha so much,” he said. BewhY said, “I loved, but a bigger love came. Life has come,” he added.

Earlier on the 13th, BewhY`s said, “2023.1.13 10:01 AM. God, thank you so much for giving me this day in my life. God, thank you for giving us our daughter Siha. “Guys, I’m living as a father now,” he said, delivering the news of his daughter. In the meantime, he posted a picture of him holding his daughter and smiling happily, drawing congratulations from many people.

Meanwhile, BewhY`s married a non-celebrity woman she dated for eight years in October 2020. BewhY, who is currently serving as a maritime police officer, is scheduled to be discharged from the military on April 22.

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