“It’s the basement…”Jang Je-won’s son, Noel, controversy..

“It’s the basement…”Jang Je-won’s son, Noel, controversy over the lyrics of “The Age of Jeon Doo-hwan” this time.


Rapper Noel (Jang Yong-joon), the son of Rep. Jang Je-won of the People’s Power, has been embroiled in another controversy. This time, it is being rumored that the ‘Jeon Doo-hwan era’ is mentioned in the lyrics of the new song.

According to the pop music industry on the 16th, the content was included in Noel’s “Gangganggangganggang?” released on SoundCloud on the 13th.

Noel responded to rapper Flicky Bang’s previous record, including drunk driving, on a YouTube channel. “If it was the Jeon Doo-hwan era, I would go if you touched me, right in the basement.”

Since then, most Internet users have criticized Noel’s lyrics as a mockery of the historical tragedy. It is said that he insulted the victims during the military dictatorship of Chun Doo-hwan.

His grandfather, as well as Noel’s father, Rep. Jang, served as a lawmaker. The late Jang Sung-man, who served as a lawmaker of the ruling party twice during the Chun Doo-hwan administration.

Rapper New Champ said on social media about Noel’s lyrics of “Ganggangganggang,” “The May 18 Gwangju incident and the military era are shameful and heartbreaking history.” He pointed out that the phrase, “Fliky Bang would have been tortured in the military era because the father, who can be the stem of the stem, is a vested interest and power, is a phrase that kills both the victims, including the real deceased, and the people who are awake.”

Earlier, Noel appeared on Mnet’s “Show Me The Money 6” and “High School Rapper” to make his face known. Since then, it has been controversial for driving under the influence of alcohol twice. In particular, in September 2021, he was sentenced to one year in prison for assaulting the police by refusing to take a breathalyzer test after causing a drunk traffic accident and was released in October last year. The recently released new song “Like You” has been evaluated as having poor literacy with the expression “one day, two days, three days, three days.”

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