MVP Oh Joo-won, the strongest baseball team..

MVP Oh Joo-won, the strongest baseball team, is the first two consecutive cold games.

Oh Joo-won

The Strongest Monsters won two consecutive cold games for the first time since the team was founded.

In the 30th episode of JTBC’s entertainment program “The Strongest Baseball” on the 16th, the Strongest Monsters won a 10-0 cold game against Wonkwang University in the bottom of the 8th inning.

Thanks to head coach Kim Sung-keun and Lee Dae-ho’s joining the team earlier, the Strongest Monsters achieved a 12-2 cold game victory in the first game against Wonkwang University. With the joy of victory, a welcoming dinner was held between the two, and in a friendly atmosphere, a “dinner jinx” suddenly came to mind, raising anxiety among the strongest monsters. This is because they lost the first round of Inha University and the second round of Chungam High School after the previous dinner.

Head coach Kim Sung-geun placed Seo Dong-wook as the second batter and established a strong structure for the batters leading to Jung Geun-woo, Seo Dong-wook, Lee Taek-geun and Lee Dae-ho.

Wonkwang University sealed the bats of the strongest Monsters batters with thorough preparation after experiencing the bitterness of the first game’s cold defeat. As a result, Oh Joo-won also pitched with all his might, failing to score both teams until the third inning.

The tension between the two teams was cut off at the end of Park Yong-taek, captain of the strongest Monsters. Park Yong-taek, who had been disappointed with his poor batting average, received special batting training from ‘Yashin’ coach Kim Sung-geun. Head coach Kim Sung-geun convinced Park Yong-taek that he would “hit today,” and Park Yong-taek played well with a timely hit in the situation of one out and runners on first and second base.

Lee Dae-ho showed confidence in blocking Jung Geun-woo’s throwing error with his body. He made a hit in the top of the sixth inning and advanced to first base, and Kim Moon-ho’s hit surprised him by showing a rare play in professional baseball, which sprints to home.

In addition, Kim Moon-ho and Lee Hong-gu were put in the middle of the game and scored hits, raising the possibility of starting the starting lineup.

Oh Joo-won kept the mound scoreless until the sixth inning to repay coach Kim Sung-keun’s trust. Following that, Lee Dae-eun and Song Seung-jun took the mound one after another and took the game 10-0.

As such, the Strongest Monsters set a milestone of winning two consecutive cold games against Wonkwang University, who became the strongest team in college baseball, winning the presidential boat and second place in the U-League thanks to coach Kim Sung-geun’s special batting training and tactics to drive the opponent.

Oh Joo-won was unanimously the MVP of the game. Oh Joo-won said, “I’ve been having a lot of trouble since I couldn’t throw in the Inha University game, so I wanted to throw well,” adding, “I felt why coach Kim Sung-geun was amazing when I saw him win cold games in a row.” He said, “I think it’s good that I stopped losing consecutive dinners.”

The strongest Monsters now achieve a winning rate of 70% regardless of the results of the remaining games even if they win just one game. However, the next opponent waiting for the strongest monsters is Hanil Jangshin University. Questions are rising over whether the strongest Monsters, who have gained momentum by winning cold games for two consecutive games, will be able to continue their victory against an unexpected strong team, Hanil Jangshin University.

The performance of the Strongest Monsters can be seen in “Strongest Baseball,” which airs every Monday night at 10:30 p.m.

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