The reason why you must wear a mask when cleaning your house.

The reason why you must wear a mask when cleaning your house.


Masks that were used once during severe fine dust have become daily necessities such as toothbrushes, soap, and towels since last year.

However, even if we get out of the coronavirus phase, masks are still a useful necessity. This is because you must wear a mask when cleaning or dust flies.

Even people who clean their homes often do not clean up regularly, dust builds up in every corner of the house. Dust accumulates in the back of the refrigerator or dust gets stuck in the fan. What if I just let these things go? Experts explain that it can be harmful to your health.

Dr. Panagis Galiasatos, a lung specialist at Johns Hopkins Hospital, said on USA Today that dust accumulated throughout the house can cause serious lung infections and, while rare, cause death. “If you inhale a lot of dust, your asthma may worsen and your life may be threatened,” Dr. Galliasatos said.

The reason why dust is so harmful to health is because of the substances that make up the dust. Dust is a mixture of human or animal hair, skin cells, dead insects and their feces, and fibers such as clothes and blankets. Chemicals from household items and other household items also make up dust.

This means that dust has accumulated various pollutants and chemicals. In particular, if there are paints, wrappers, and toys containing heavy metals such as lead in the house, heavy metals contained in such objects can form dust and cause further health damage.

Dust may also contain allergic substances that cause asthma. Therefore, people with dust allergies should maintain a cleaner environment.

Young children, especially those who still crawl on the floor, are more likely to come into contact with dust than adults, so houses with young children should also pay special attention to cleanliness.

We don’t know the composition of all the products in the home. I don’t know what ingredients will poison me, so it’s best to remove dust through frequent cleaning.

This is because the more dust you put in, the more difficult your lungs are and the higher the risk of damage.

Most large visible clumps of dust do not have a significant effect on health, but small particles that fly in the process of cleaning them can enter the lungs and cause inflammation.

Also, you may have problems with shortness of breath. Our body coughs or sneezes when unwanted dust enters through airways, forcing dust out of our bodies. However, some people may experience a very intense reaction, almost equal to asthma, resulting in shortness of breath.

Dust may contain fungi, which can cause allergic bronchial pulmonary aspergillus.

So what are the cleaning methods to prevent these diseases or symptoms? The best way is to clean with a wet mop, not a dry mop. Dry duster makes dust particles spread further and increases the risk of inhaling them.

Families who raise animals such as dogs and cats or have young children should be cleaned more often.

It is also important to wear a mask to minimize dust inhalation. Because a lot of dust flies into the air when cleaning, you must wear a mask when removing dust, such as corners that you don’t usually clean. Dust accumulated for several months may contain all kinds of bacteria, so block bacteria with a mask as if to prevent coronavirus.

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