Tottenham player Brian Hill Conte’s neglected sorrow..

Tottenham player Brian Hill Conte’s neglected sorrow is over… Candidate for release → likely to remain ‘reversal’

Brian Hill

Striker Brian Hill (22), who was once ruled “out of power” by coach Antonio Conte (54, Italy), has been decided to stay instead of being released for the rest of the season. In fact, he seems to have completely shaken off his sadness that he did not get a chance to play even in the game he gave up.

In fact, Hill only defended the bench in most of the games this season or only played as a substitute at the end of the second half. Son Heung-min, Dejan Kulusevsky, Hishalisson, and Lucas Moura were behind the side strikers. It was also a decision that took into account the team’s position to ask for a transfer on its own even before the season began.

In particular, in the match against Arsenal in October last year, he did not get a chance even in the game where Kulusevsky and Moura were absent due to injuries. At that time, when the game tilted early with Emerson Royal’s exit and a decisive goal, Conte virtually declared his abandonment of the game by excluding Son Heung-min and Hishalisson. However, Brian Hill did not get a chance to play in the process either. At that time, England’s The Bootroom said, “I was ignored by Conte in the match against Arsenal. “It was a sad sight for fans to not even get a chance even when they gave up the game,” he said. As the winter transfer market approached, Hill’s future also focused on his release.

However, a turnaround has recently begun. When Hishalisson, Moura, and Kulusevsky were all injured, he eventually started for the first time this season against Aston Villa on the 1st, and the Crystal Palace match on the 5th also took a chance to start. In particular, he was very active in the match against Palace, participating in three goals, including one assist.

At least, he was pushed back to the bench when Kulusevsky returned, but he was again chosen by Conte as a joker at the end of the match against Arsenal. Considering that even in the first half of the year, the expression “I was ignored” came out, it is a complete reversal.

Coach Conte and Tottenham’s thoughts on Brian Hill also seem to be leaning on “remaining” instead of releasing them. The rest of the season is also being considered as a resource to help the offense. Britain’s Paul Robinson said in an interview with Football Insider on the 16th, “I thought Conte would rent Hill before the World Cup, but now I would have changed my mind,” adding, “Even if he is not a definite main player, he will be able to compete in the front-line position.” “He’s definitely got the opportunity that he’s been looking for,” he said.

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