NCT 127 presents powerful hip-hop with “Sky Scrapper..

NCT 127 presents powerful hip-hop with “Sky Scrapper”, a track in the 4th repackage.

The group NCT 127 delivers its strong ambition with its exciting new song “Sky Scrapper.”

NCT 127’s fourth full-length repackage “Ay-Yo,” which will be released on the 30th, has added three new songs, including the title song of the same name, “Sky Scrapper” and “DJ,” with a total of 15 songs.

NCT 127

The new song “Sky Scrapper,” in which members Taeyong and Mark participated in rap making, is an intense hip-hop song with a challenging ambition to constantly go beyond the limits and go further like a skyscraper above the city. The witty expression of racing with clouds and going higher also gives you a sense of confidence.

In addition, the teaser images of Yuta, Jungwoo, and Haechan, which were released on NCT 127’s official SNS account on the 18th, caught the eyes of viewers with their captivating visuals and dark eyes.

Earlier, NCT 127 released its first concept teaser image in LA, USA, followed by a second concept teaser image featuring chic charisma in the urban atmosphere of New York, USA, raising expectations for a comeback.

NCT 127’s 4th full-length repackage album “AYO” will be released on January 30 at 6 p.m. on various music sites.

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