Actor Song Hye-kyo, “Your favorite character?

Actor Song Hye-kyo, “Your favorite character?” Mundong, a lot of people like it.I’m relieved.

Song Hye-kyo answered questions from fans.

On YouTube channel “Elle Korea” on the 18th, when was the most angry moment during #TheGlory shooting? For the first time ever! Song Hye Kyo’s MBTI is? A video titled ‘#askmeanything Q&A | ELLE KOREA’ was posted.

Song Hye-kyo

In the released video, Song Hye-kyo said, “I heard that many people asked questions. It’s almost my first time doing an interview to answer questions,” he said, expressing excitement.

When asked about his favorite character, Song Hye-kyo said, “I love all the characters I did, but I can’t let go of the ‘Moon Dong-eun’ character I did most recently.” “I think ‘Moon Dong-eun’ is the biggest part of my heart now,” he said, expressing his affection for the character “The Glory.”

“It was my first time doing a genre, so all the scenes were difficult. It’s already passed, but if I have a chance, I thought a lot about wanting to film the scenes I filmed in the beginning again. However, as time passed and I watched the broadcast, I thought, “I think I did my best,” and laughed, “I was relieved because many people seemed to like it.”

When asked, “Will you be Song Hye-kyo if you are born again?” Song Hye-kyo replied, “No. I want to be born as a different person because I have lived once.”

In addition, when asked about “the most encouraging word in life,” Song Hye-kyo said, “To be honest, ‘Time will solve it all,’ and I was annoyed, but when I think about it over time, I think it helped me,” adding to his loved ones, ” Suffer and hurt enough.” Then it seems to disappear. “If I keep delaying it, I think the time will be longer,” he said.

Song Hye-kyo said, “If I have a chance later, I want to try a sitcom again.” He expressed his wish, saying, “If it fits me perfectly and becomes a script that I like, I want to do it.”

When asked about the most angry scene in “The Glory,” Song Hye-kyo said, “It’s the perpetrator’s line from the time I saw the script, but after Dong-eun appeared, ‘Did we do it so hard on him?’ It’s not because I’m sorry, but because of the memory. I was so angry about that. “I think I was very angry that I didn’t have any left in my heart even though I hurt him so much,” he recalled.

Song Hyekyo also revealed that the MBTI is INFJ.

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