Band Icon SURL enters the global market with..

Band Icon SURL enters the global market with its first North American tour in April.

K-band scene icon SURL (Seol) will go on a North American tour following a national tour. Seol has been hosting a national tour concert “review of us” since the release of her first full-length album “of us” in four years since her debut in October.


The Lunar New Year, which has participated in various domestic festivals and has recently been successful in the national tour concert “review of us,” has been invited to various international festivals such as Germany’s “Reeperbahn Festival,” Thailand’s “Big Mountain Music Festival,” Canada’s “Baybeats Festival,” Singapore’s “Baybeats Festival,” and other world music activities. Starting with the first North American tour, Seol will further accelerate its full-fledged global expansion.

Agent Michael LoJudice, who is in charge of Lunar New Year at Anniversary, which is in charge of famous overseas musicians such as Maximilian Hecker, Korean musician Sae So-yeon, and CARDERGARDEN’s overseas agency, said, “With the recommendation of the person in charge, we decided to push for the tour after seeing Seol’s stage at SXSW in Austin, Texas in 2022. I’m looking forward to meeting them in New York.”

Icon SURL (New Year) 2023 moves are unusual from the start. New Year’s music recommended by BTS’s RM and IU, Epic High’s Tablo, world stars Park Jae-beom and Anne Marie is now targeting music scenes around the world. Attention is focusing on what activities Seol will cover the global market in the future.

The Lunar New Year’s North American tour will be held in a total of 12 cities, including eight U.S. states and Ontario, Canada, during April. Starting with Philadelphia on April 2, the tour will be held in Atlanta on April 2, Dallas on the 6th, Tucson on the 9th, San Diego on the 11th, Los Angeles (LA) on the 12th, San Francisco on the 16th, Toronto on the 18th, Chicago on the 19th, and Brooklyn on the 25th. Tickets for the North American tour will go on sale from 2 a.m. on January 20th, Korean time.

In addition, iKON SURL (Seol) will mark a spectacular end of the national tour concert “review of us” at the Mary Hall Grand Theater of Sogang University in Mapo-gu on January 28 and 29, and has confirmed its appearance in “MPMG MUSIC LIVE” and various programs of MPMG WEEK 2023, which will continue for five days from February 1.

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