‘Former colleague Kang Jung-ho’ Harrison..

‘Former colleague Kang Jung-ho’ Harrison, Boston watched, “Kike is in the infield, but…”

Josh Harrison, who had been working with Kang Jung-ho during the Pittsburgh Pirates in the past, is drawing attention from the Boston Red Sox.


“Boston has Harrison on the recruitment list,” columnist John Hayman of the ‘New York Post’ said on the 17th. “We still need a shortstop,” he reported. Columnist Hayman also mentioned Adam Duvall in the tweet, and the recruitment was later confirmed.

Boston sent off starting shortstop Xander Bogartz. In response, he planned to move Trevor Story, whose main position was shortstop, to shortstop. However, Story felt pain in her elbow and recently performed surgery. He is expected to miss at least the first half of the season, and is on the verge of losing the entire season.

Boston is on alert. It was expected to recruit Duval and entrust utility Kike Hernandez to play shortstop, but the local assessment was that it was not enough.

Recently, Boston President Heim Bloom also stressed the need to recruit, saying, “There is no need to limit each position to two.”

Boston is looking for additional shortstop resources and has shown interest in Harrison. Harrison’s main position is not shortstop, but he is a resource that can be seen on second and third base, shortstop, and outfielder.

If Harrison is recruited, Harrison, Kike Hernandez, and Christian Arroyo are expected to take turns in shortstop positions until Story returns. 파워볼게임

Meanwhile, in addition to Harrison, Elvis Andrews, Jose Iglesias, and Andrelton Simmons are the remaining shortstop resources in the FA market, and Andrews is steadily connected.

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