Actor Kim Seo-ha casts tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama..

Actor Kim Seo-ha casts tvN’s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Holy Idol”…the role of top actor Maeng Woo-shin

Actor Kim Seo-ha will appear in tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama “Saint Idol.”

Actor Kim Seo-ha

“Saint Idol” depicts the holy and absurd adaptation of Lee Sang-gye’s Ambassador to the entertainment industry, who became an unknown Korean idol overnight. This world is different from the world we live in, and it means a fantasy world with magic and mysterious beings. “The Holy Idol” is a drama that produces the original story of a hot topic, which has a series of Naver web novels and webtoons thanks to its online popularity.

Actor Kim Seo-ha plays Maeng Woo-shin, a top actor with both star and acting skills. Woo-shin is clean and warm-looking and excellent in ability, so he does not miss the top spot in actor Seon-ho and is the MC of a music show. Known as a box office guarantee check in the entertainment industry, he will suddenly quarrel with the Cambridge (Kim Min-kyu), who woke up with the body of “Wild Animal” member Woo Yeon-woo, showing a unique bromance chemistry.

Actress Kim Seo-ha showed off her distinct presence by digesting new characters in every work, including JTBC’s “Sunbae, Don’t Apply That Lipstick,” KBS2’s “Yeonmo,” and MBC’s “Gold Spoon.” With its excellent character absorption, it has attracted viewers’ attention, including licorice, villain, and hateful characters. Attention is focusing on the role of Maeng Woo-shin, which Kim Seo-ha, who is recognized for her stable acting skills, will express in “Saint Idol.”

Starring actor Kim Seo-ha, “The Holy Idol” will premiere on tvN at 10:30 p.m. on February 15.

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