If you are worried about your brain, do housework at home right away.

If you are worried about your brain, do housework at home right away.


It has been reported that the more domestic work, the healthier the brain becomes.

Dr. Noah Koblinsky’s team at the Bakery Lotman Institute in Canada surveyed 66 elderly people with good cognitive function on the effects of domestic labor on brain health.

The research team estimated how much participants participated in organizing, dusting, preparing meals, repairing homes, gardening, washing dishes, grocery shopping, and taking care of their families.

Afterwards, the hippocampus involved in memory and learning, and the frontal lobe, which can measure cognitive function, were measured.

As a result, the longer the domestic working hours, the higher the brain volume.

The research team believed that domestic labor may have had a positive effect on my heart and blood vessels, similar to aerobic exercise.

In addition, it is estimated that neural connection can be facilitated when planning and carrying out domestic labor, and that blood circulation may be good for brain health due to the fact that it spends less time on sedentary life.

“Like exercise, the study shows that housework can have a positive effect on the brain,” Koblinski said. “It can help develop strategies to reduce the risk of cognitive decline and dementia in older people.”

The study was published in the journal Biomed Central Geriatrics.

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