HISHARLISON Ransom of ’90 Billion’, but 0 league goals…

HISHARLISON Ransom of ’90 Billion’, but 0 league goals…More ‘bigger problem’ than Son Heung-min.

Tottenham Hotspur’s ambitious striker Hisha Lisson (25) emerged as a headache last summer.


The U.S. media “Bastool Football” reported on social media on the 19th that “0 goals in the 60 million pound league, soon in February,” along with a picture of Hisha Lisson.

Although it is a short content, it is possible to clearly understand the evaluation of the current Hisharlisson.

Tottenham paid Everton a whopping sixty million pounds to sign Hisha Lisson in a bid to increase the number of strikers in the transfer window last summer.

Hisharlisson was considered a high-quality striker who is guaranteed double-digit goals in every season as he scored 48 goals in 173 Premier League matches at Everton.

At the beginning of the season, Hisharlisson mainly played as a substitute to adapt to the new team. He showed impressive performance by recording three assists at the beginning of the league.

In particular, in September last year, he scored multiple goals in the first Group D match of the UEFA Champions League in the 2022/23 season against Olympique Marseille and even reported Tottenham’s debut goal.

However, Hisharlisson performance ended here.

HISHARLISON has not scored an offensive point in nine games since he scored one assist against Arsenal on October 1 last year.

During this period, he was briefly out of power due to calf and thigh injuries, but the striker, who paid more than 90 billion won, has so far failed to avoid criticism as he has not scored a goal in the league.

Some argued that Hisha Lisson slump, which was recruited for a large amount of money, is more serious than Son Heung-min, who scored 23 goals last season but scored only four league goals this season.

HISHARLISON has not only failed to score in the league so far, but also sparked controversy by having a war of nerves with Arsenal in the North London Derby on the 16th.

Amid worsening fan sentiment for Hisharlisson, attention is being paid to whether Hisharlisson will be able to set an opportunity for a turnaround.

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