Lee Bum-soo, who was dismissed from Shinhan University…

Lee Bum-soo, who was dismissed from Shinhan University…Nothing to do with the Gapjil controversy.

Professor Lee Bum-soo was dismissed from his post as the dean.

Lee Bum-soo

According to Shinhan University on the 19th, Professor Lee Bum-soo was dismissed from the performing arts department. However, he maintains his status as a professor.

Shinhan University said Professor Lee Bum-soo’s dismissal has nothing to do with the “gapjil controversy,” adding that the results of the legal audit team’s investigation have not yet been released.

Last month, an online community posted an article claiming to have been abused by Lee Bum-soo, the dean of the department, which caused controversy. Lee Bumsoo discriminated against rich students in Class A and poor students in Class B, and failed to work part-time on weekends, and eventually took a leave of absence.

In this regard, Lee Bumsoo denied the allegations, and his wife Lee Yoon-jin also supported him, saying, “I’m afraid of students who laugh brightly in front of me and throw anonymous ‘Kadera communication’ behind me.”

Regarding allegations that more than half of students dropped out and took a leave of absence due to Lee Bum-soo’s abuse of power, Shinhan University Student Association said, “If there is absurdity and power abuse that hinders our students’ right to education and university social culture, we will be more active than anyone else.”

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