Heedoo and Nayeon couple photo shoot. “Marriage?” I can’t say..

Heedoo and Nayeon couple photo shoot. “Marriage?” I can’t say it hastily, but…”

Nam Hee-doo and Kim Na-yeon, who became the hottest “combined couple” in Korea through “Transfer Relationship 2,” took a couple pictorial.

Heedoo and Nayeon

On the 20th, Cosmopolitan magazine released a photo of the February issue of the Hee-doo and Na-

Like a “jjin” couple, the two met eyes affectionately and made a romantic appearance naturally in this photo shoot. In addition, it was the Hee-doo and Na-yeon couple that viewers knew about bickering over nothing.

In the interview that followed after the photo shoot, Nayeon confidently replied, “Yes,” to the first question, “Did you spend the end of the year together?” Nayeon continued, “I went to Grand Hyatt and skated.” Finally! I finally rode it! He told the story of a confident public date at the hotel, saying, “I had a grudge against the skating rink, but Hee-doo had more fun playing with me.”

He also confessed about the “funny sad” situation between the two after their faces became known, saying, “There are a lot of eyes that I see when I date outside, so I usually endure even when I fight.” In response, Hee-doo added, “It hasn’t been long since the broadcast ended, so it’s something to bear.”

When asked about each other’s first impressions, both gave interesting answers, saying, “I already knew it from rumors even before we met.” Nayeon said, “I heard that there’s a very handsome guy in the ‘Ice Hockey’ club. But my colleague did a team project with a hockey club member, but he was really annoyed because he didn’t participate, and as soon as he saw his face, he said with a smile, “The student in question was Heedo.”

Heedo said, “I heard rumors about Nayeon, too. They were seniors in the hockey club who contacted Nayeon before we went out. And even after we dated! Nayeon got a lot of DMs. Nayeon replied, “I read and ignore it like a knife.” Hee-doo then said that Nayeon was popular not only in the hockey team but also in the soccer team.

Regarding the future that we draw together, Nayeon said, “We shouldn’t talk about ‘marriage’ hastily.” But I’m always in a relationship while drawing the future,” he replied, suggesting marriage. Heedo said, “There’s a future that we draw together. But (marriage) is a future that doesn’t happen… ” he declined to say.

Regarding the advice given to a couple who decided to break up for similar reasons with Hee-doo and Na-yeon, the two also gave completely different answers, proving that they are a couple with “contradictory tendencies” in name and reality. First of all, Nayeon said, “After you break up, if you can see your lover meeting someone else with your eyes open, break up! But if you can’t stand it, it’s comfortable to just keep seeing each other. I want to tell her to meet her until she doesn’t have any regrets. I regretted not being able to do that,” he said.

On the other hand, Hee-doo said, “If the moment of parting has come, I think it’s the answer to break up once.” That way, feelings such as gratitude and longing that have been forgotten about each other can be reborn, and once you have a hard time, you can definitely feel the importance. “That doesn’t mean that we should break up and meet again,” he said with a smile.

Nayeon said, “If last year was a year that received a lot of love, I hope this year will be a year where I can return all of it and repay you.” “I have a lot of work greed, so I want to visit not only golf but also basketball and baseball, and I want to host cultural programs such as TV Animal Farm,” he said.

Hee-doo said, “Success is good, but I thought health was the top priority. Of course, as a hockey player, I will work hard to film ‘Career High’,” he said in a concise answer.

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